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Vetiver by Roja Dove

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Vetiver is a shared scent launched in 2012 by Roja Dove

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Reviews of Vetiver by Roja Dove

There are 13 reviews of Vetiver by Roja Dove.

"I have got to find the river
Bergamot and vetiver
Run through my head and fall away
Leave the road and memorize
This life that pass before my eyes
And nothing is going my way"

I bought a decant of this not realising there was a 'pour homme' version as well. Initially after some sniffing and marvelling at the wonderful and delicate purity of the vetiver , almost alpine fresh crystalline fragility, take that as if there is a hint of mint, I found myself thinking this would be really great to smell on a woman. Hey presto this is unisex. A sanitised through magical filters Tom Ford Grey Vetiver but that is a gross and unjust oversimplification as to the artistry involved here.
That said I am off to sample the 'Pour Homme' which is where I should have been in the first place.

Fragrance: 8.5/10
Projection: 7/10
Longevity: 6.5/10

Stardate 20190701:

Again a Guerlain homage. Execution is a bit modern and sits somewhere between Guerlain and Ford's Grey Vetiver.
Nothing special. There are better vetivers - Guerlain, Diptyque, Carven.
One thing though, this one has good longevity. Took a shower and still is potent. And that is just with one spray.

A tamed, basic interpretation of one of fragrance-dom's most common accord by Roja Dove.

Vetiver is really pleasant, though it doesn't appear to say anything remarkable; it's like having a famous singer show up at your high school auditorium, only to sing a bubble-gum tune in a pedestrian way.

Ultimately a chypre type scent, Vetiver presents an interesting set of notes to highlight vetiver proper's distinct qualities: Celery, galbanum, pepper, nutmeg, caraway seeds, aromatic litsea berries, to name the most interesting ones, offer elements to inject vegetal, earthy, and aromatic elements that try to paint an impressionistic sensation of refined vetiver. Has a lot of similarities to Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver EdT, with the expected smoothness of an Extrait strength fragrance.

Perhaps I have become biased to expect something more intense and deep than what Roja has created here. For decades, I have come across several scents with "vetiver" in their names, plus in my hobby of analyzing scents, vetiver is a note that I've become fairly familiar with as a (usually) base note element contributing a typical grassy-chocolate-earthy-smoky vibe.

I respect the evident high quality of the ingredients used here, but the results are a bit flat for me. Opinions definitely differ for this one, but IMO, it could have been constructed with more layers and have had an extra, distinctive Roja stamp placed on it to place it above other vetiver scents. Alas...

I'm a HUGE Vetiver fan. It's actually my favorite note. This is in my opinion the best Vetiver I have smelled. Granted Sycamore and Dior Vetiver I have not tried. But I have tried a lot. Including Creed's offering and TF GV EDP. This one destroys them all. A Vetiver masterpiece if you will.

A lot of freshness and fun in Roja Dove's Vetiver Extrait, it shares the same quality of Amber Extrait in not relying so heavily on its signature note and perhaps being a little surprising in that respect. It opens with more citrus, leads to a heart of some rose, and then devolves into an earthier base, admittedly anchored by the vetiver itself that is much less a part of its opening. I get some pepper and resin in the base, so it does become a little more complex, more interesting than just the freshness or just the vetiver itself. A nice composition.

Projection and longevity are more on par with Bergamot Extrait, which is strong, but not the beast mode that was Amber Extrait (which I tried only yesterday). Still debatable whether it's worth its now-discontinued price tag, which obviously depends on where it is being sold. Luckily, it's not as extremely popular as the Amber Extrait, so some Vetivers should actually be floating around the secondary market.

8 out of 10

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