Reviews of Vetiver by Perlier

Vetiver de Java is one of the most commercially appreciated "perfumes/bath foams" in the Perlier's range of items. Perlier is an italian cosmetic brand mostly known around for its everywhere retailed shower foams (Vetiver de Java, Sandalo del Kashmir, Muschio Bianco d'Oriente etc). Perlier Vetiver de Java is a citric/aromatic vetiver in which a dominant role (beyond this landmark aromatic vetiver - not rooty and almost musky) is played by bergamot and the star anice imo. Bergamot provides a quite lemony/exotic invigorating vibe standing out throughout along the way while verbena and possibly a tad of mint arouse a sort of cool/boisé twist. Star anise is an invigorating spicy resource as connected to green patterns and bergamot. Its seems to detect a sort of more than vague boisé/coniferous/woody twist a la Pino Silvestre somewhere as well. Fava tonka and star anise imprint a kind of even more exotic aura (mild, slightly soapy and taming the citric acidity) all around. Quite good for sultry climates. Dry down is discreet and green with a tad of balminness.
8th July 2021
Tried this today. No vetiver to be smelled in it, it is more like a traditional lemon cologne.
18th March 2012