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Reviews of Vétiver by Fragonard

There are 2 reviews of Vétiver by Fragonard.

Neat little vetiver - fresh - straight up - no fuss.
Nice on its own - fresh,slightly citric,grassy.

I think this would be wonderful to layer - possible with others in this line - ( cedre, santal, patchouli - lol best wait for sale time at M&S though to pick up numerous bottles!)

Instantly makes me think of picking up this with some singular tabacco frag - to make up a modern Guerlain! ( I can't get rid of the association now - on one of the threads on Basenotes or another well know fume-head site - that Guerlian's has a 'pukey' note :( so...

Alas, back to this - no complaints. FB worth for any vet-head.

Edit 2: Totally get the Terre de Hermes association.
Aug 8, 2018

A blast of Grassy Bitter Freshness

Spring Summer !!!
Mar 13, 2015

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