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Creed Vetiver was worn by the veteran actor who won Hollywood's highest award for his beloved film portrayal of Santa Claus.  Vetiver also began Creed's relationship with one of America's leading families, a political dynasty now known worldwide for its energy, vigor, and impeccable style.

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Reviews of Vétiver by Creed

There are 43 reviews of Vétiver by Creed.

Creed Vétiver (1948) is not to be confused with their more contemporary offering, Creed Original Vetiver (2004), which effectively replaced this one upon release. It's not sure whether Creed Vétiver actually hails from 1948, being as there is no traceable history of perfume making prior to Erwin's proprietorship of the house in the 1970's, but this does indeed smell much more like a classic vetiver treatment than its replacement. Creed Original Vetiver really isn't, which is perhaps the most frustrating thing about it but regardless is still a nice fragrance, smelling like an upscale eau de parfum treatment of the primary accords in Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler (2001) plus with a drop of vetiver added. By contrast, Creed Vetiver is a no-nonsense kind of vetiver, perhaps not quite as direct as Guerlain Vetiver (1961), but definitely a to-the-point presentation of the nutgrass. If this was made by Henry Creed IV, he was just following conventions of the time, but if Erwin made this and then tossed on a backstory as per consensus, he probably riffed off the vetivers older men were using at the time he composed it. I like this stuff a lot, and if it wasn't long discontinued and the price of a mortgage payment on a decent home, I might consider getting some for the random special occasion I'd want to smell like Warren Buffet.

The opening of Creed Vétiver presents with sour natural bergamot and a whiff of the house ambergris accord straight away, with smooth pops of ginger entering the picture once the scent starts to dry on skin. The vetiver here feels of the Haitian variety in particular, being nutty and decidedly "brown", not smoky or overly green like some of the 1980's vetiver fragrances or the modern vetiver takes that substitute the real deal for vetiveryl acetate (which is abundantly green). For me this rides closer to Vetyver Lanvin (1964) than anything else I've smelled in my limited exposure to older varieties of the subject, but some also compare it to Vétiver Carven (1957) as well. For me, this becomes all about ambergris, oakmoss, and cedar in the finish, spicy and woody, with the vetiver and ginger adding thickness. The ginger likes to come and go here, and even though this is much more about vetiver than the current Creed Original Vetiver, this is no single material study like a modern niche perfume tackling the material, so be aware of that. Wear time is about 8 hours and projection isn't astonishing, but this is a gentlemanly discreet fragrance anyway. Best use is fall and spring for casual through formal situations, but not for clubs or romantic gatherings. This feels exceedingly mature too, and smells like a person looks who never laughs at anyone's jokes.

I can see Creed Vétiver being the go-to green fragrance of boutique shoppers back when Creed operated out of a single Paris location and Erwin himself greeted you at his counter, assuming you had enough social credit and net worth to score an appointment to get in the shop in the first place, as it was all really snooty exclusive "in the A-list" type nonsense prior to Creed Green Irish Tweed (1985) launching worldwide in high-end department stores. The 80's vulture capitalist who siphoned up controlling shares or leveraged debt against failing businesses but is now the modern day corporate lobbyist that has reduced the effective power of government to its knees with special interests is exactly the kind of Randian ghoul that probably drenched himself in Creed Vétiver when not wearing other early eau de toilette gray caps like Baie de Genièvre (1982), at least until the worldwide launch of things like the aforementioned Green Irish Tweed or Bois du Portugal (1987) came along, and he no longer had to buy flacons from Paris to refill his atomizer with, instead just being able to drop in Bergdorf's or Neiman's when on a business trip. Part of me sees why this went away in favor of the soapier and fresher vetiver that was more hip with the drip-obsessed Russian oligarch spawn Creed was likely trying to attract at the time, but I think Creed Vétiver was ironically more original. Thumbs up.
Apr 18, 2021

I'd not sampled Creed Vetiver 1948 (the actual original vetiver, not Original Vetiver, which was released in 2004) in some time before procuring a decant recently. I would describe it as a fresh, classic citrus/vetiver scent, certainly fresher than Dior Vetiver but not as fresh as Eau Sauvage, somewhere in between. Its main note list consists of citruses, ginger, vetiver, cedar, and ambergris. It smells very natural, fitting for a refreshing throwback, though it does not perform particularly well, which is my experience of most freshie or semi-freshie Creeds—great scents but a little light on performance relative to the cost, and certainly that’s the case with this hard-to-find, discontinued offering.

Overall, it’s very nice, but not as unique or interesting as some of the other discontinued grey-cap-era EDT Creeds like Epicea or Baie de Genievre. Still, I’d nab a bottle at the right price as a semi-collector. It's classy stuff, signature-scent worthy, and harkens back to a different time.

7 out of 10
Apr 9, 2019

Great vetiver interpretation by the skilled perfumers at the house of Creed (possibly worn at some point by Edmund Gwenn, who'd played Santa Claus on "Miracle on 34th Street.")

Creed Vétiver is a classic vetiver formulation, in contrast to today's scents: More intensely mossy, shiny and earthy as ever. Opening citrus salvo makes way rather quickly to the star of this show, the vetiver. Ginger is present as an accent to vetiver, and cedar does well to enlargen vetiver's subtly woody quality. Of course, ambergris is there to add Creed's famous waxy-sweet element present in so many of its other fragrances.

This potion is meant for mature wearers of its admittedly retro style. Ultimately, Creed Vétiver is masculine and macho in the old school way, and it's a fascinating look back into Creed's distinctive, uncompromising history of fine scent making.
Sep 19, 2018

Upon application the opening had a bright and refreshing feel to it likely coming from both the citrus and ginger notes. This invigorating opening lasts for a short period of time before the notes of vetiver and cedar begin becoming more apparent. At the heart, the vetiver becomes the main focus of the scent. The vetiver present has a mineralistic feel to it, clean and classy. What the vetiver doesn’t have is the greenness that Original Vetiver has or the dryness seen in quite a few vetiver fragrances. There’s a little trace of cedar and ambergris which help support the vetiver giving it a little more backbone.

Versatility for the scent is good. In my opinion, Vetiver can be worn all year round although projection might be slightly better during the warmer months. On me the longevity ranged from 4-6 hours. This can work for both casual and formal settings as the silage isn’t overpowering. Vetiver has become one of my personal favorites from Creed. Vetiver is a very classy scent indeed and is one that any individual who enjoys Creed should try.
Dec 24, 2015

The opening is very recognizable per Creed with that ambergris and bergamot. The ginger is very strong and mixes well with the cedarwood. Ironically the vetiver is the lightest note.
Nov 23, 2014

I kid you not. I wore this today for the first time in many years. A female coworker at the office referred to me as the one who smells like a million bucks.
It's crisp and comforting. I applied 4 sprays at 9am and here it is 6pm and still wafting....
Jul 15, 2014

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