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Bois 1920 (2005)

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Reviews of Vetiver Ambrato by Bois 1920

There are 16 reviews of Vetiver Ambrato by Bois 1920.

Vetiver, sweet amber, a well balanced and strooooong heart of tobacco, spices and herbs. Minimal and sporadic vanilla undertones. I could swear I get a powdery yet boozy iris too but that could be the lovely patchouli that blends with the benzoin and maybe other things. Lovely make up powder smell in there, drying down.

This really has some punch to it. It's strong and in your face. In a way you could say it's Tabac on steroids but it does so in great style. Tabac will seem weak to you compared to this. Then again Tabac is creamier and has that lovely ambergris.

Vetiver Ambrato in my mind caters to a 30+ or maybe even 40+ audience. It has a certain datedness in it but it's a classy dated, if you know what I mean. Therefore I can't see a younger crowd pulling this of I do have to add. Tabac is the better option for the younger crowd.
Nov 7, 2021

Really nice on paper, as it carries Bois 1920's signature freshness and elegance, with a gentle and powdery note of vetiver blending with the sweet richness of amber, but... all that vanishes on skin. This is just beyond subtle, more closer to pure absence. I barely smell the opening. Which is sad because on paper it smells heavenly, bright, coloured, delicate and natural. However if you like "close-to-skin" scents, this may work.


Mar 10, 2014

Vetiver Ambrato opens with a sharp, yet, woody opening. As the fragrance evolves, it rests in the soft (not too soft) powdery neutral zone; there is the sandalwood, ambergris character found in this fragrance that brings out the fragrance.....Vetiver Ambrato is the twin of Creed's Ambre Canelle however, toned and contained.

Gentlemen, enjoy smelling like an aristocrat!!!!
Feb 24, 2014

The minute I applied Vetiver Ambrato, I knew I would love it and I most certainly did. The perfect combination of the rich wood/chypre/incense notes and the sweeter amber/vanillic/labdanum notes makes for a wonderfully well-balanced fragrance. The much softened vetiver note reminds me of the absolutely stupendous Vétiver pour elle by Guerlain.

The only negative thing I could say about this fragrance is that it's price is utterly ridiculous (at least where I live). Is it really worth paying three times the price of an equally good fragrance? I, for one, think not. Although I simply adore Vetiver Ambrato, I never actually bought a bottle. It is merely a matter of principle. No fragrance is THAT good, really.
Jun 8, 2012

Wore this yesterday. Went on nice then initially changed to an awful sickly smell within minutes - amber. It then for me changed after about 20min to a nice and fresh scent. Changed to what for my wife (and myself) was like talc and a just out of the shower smell. I wasnt sure I liked it but it really grew on me over the afternoon. Didnt smell much Vetiver and it in some ways reminded me of Creed - ie shower fresh. The fresh scent lasted for many hours but for £100 there is perhaps less expensive ways to smell of talc!
Jun 19, 2011

Vetiver Ambrato - my first Bois 1920, and a brilliant introduction to this house.

It may just be my nose, but Vetiver Ambrato smells like a very refined, vetiver-tinged Old Spice (original Shulton edition). Comparison of the Old Spice pyramid here on Basenotes and the Vetiver Ambrato pyramid elsewhere confirmed my hunch: many notes in common.

Vetiver Ambrato, a barbershop scent, is a slightly clovey (carnations?) amber fragrance laced with vetiver. Vetiver is not dominant in this frag but it is there, especially in the sillage of the first hour after application. Vetiver and galbanum temper the predominantly sweet notes of VA, and i guess this, rather than as a signature note, is the primary purpose of the vetiver.

Sillage is modest, but can fill a small room if liberally sprayed (personal guilt admitted). Longevity is surprisingly significant. Easily 8+ hours after application i still smell it wafting of my chest.

I have always loved Old Spice since childhood. Vetiver Ambrato will now be my new and more refined Old Spice.

Great frag.
May 28, 2011

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