Vespero fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Apple, Pink grapefruit
  • Heart

    • Cedarwood, Geranium, Leather, Jasmine
  • Base

    • Patchouli Amber wood, Musk

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Latest Reviews of Vespero

An outstanding fragrance, and though I do sense a similarity to Aventus, I would not find them redundant.

Vespero has a cornucopia of notes, with lots of dynamism, keeping it interesting even though the transitions are not so pronounced.

This could be a go-to evening wear for some, but the one day I wore it to work it did get pretty exhausting after 8-10 hours. You could say it's rich, with just a tinge of sweetness.

10th January 2023
Initially was drawn to the pineapple fruity kinda freshness vibe. The smokiness was a lovely touch. After having bought it and worn it a little more heavily, the smokiness really comes out and is very well balanced with the pineapple. Very well done and very very wearable most the year round I’d say
25th April 2022

The common "Aventus by way of Tuscan Leather" description isn't far off the mark, but this is arguably better than either. (At the very least, that's my stance.)
23rd February 2022
This starts off very sharp and zesty..... then it morphs into the darkness, still having hints of fresh fruit under the dark and mysterious leather and some smokiness.
Sticks to your skin. Excellent fragrence.

Overall scent 10-10
Performance 9.5-10
Silage 10-10

14th October 2021
A simply "liquefying" twist of olfactory synthetic diablery, a dark/purple "velvet-underground" pornographic fruity/musky sleight of hand and a new must have for all the spectres of the metropolitan night. A Tokyo-enigma with a black mantle and fluorescent eyes, velvet, silk, blue/violet lights, mystical candles, soporific danger. This juice is erotic, manly (with its spicy-hesperidic, grapefruit/apple-oriented, vaguely smoky Aventusesque opening), psychedelic and dandy, kaleidoscopic flashes in the darkest underground-night. Vespero smells like a new millennium narcotic potion waving in the air through the darkest hoods and metropolitan ravines of a gigantic asian megalopolis, you hand in hand with a crazy unknown "possessed" young blue-hair techno-witch ready to escort you down in the depths towards the vortex of saturnine perdition. Despite its pop-deep soul this juice is anyway surprisingly classy and measured, something silky and enigmatic like a refined elusive phantom of a dodgy unmentionable super chic club. Vespero opens (like a new age virile candied cherry-oriented sort of Joop Homme but with a darker and darker growing up denser musky aura) with a juicy-suedish-hesperidic connection of grapefruit, hesperides, soft leather, saffron/cinnamon, raspberries, juicy apple, sambac jasmine and God knows what else in order to morph down towards a wave of pure narcotic-suedish cedary silkiness impossible to describe but definitely cashmeran/aromachemicals-oriented, super musky, woody (mostly soapy cedarwood and dark patchouli), silky and hypnotic. Nothing smelling natural in here, just an aromachemicals-oriented dark-club potion well appointed and super captivating. The hesperidic/citric vaguely smoky opening provides a peppery/manly welcome soon enveloped by a warming up cloud of musky cashmeran and soapiness. The note of leather is quite soft and vaguely soapy/resinous/lipstick (due to the use of myrrh or hints of tolu balsam?). The general aura is new-age, super refined, "reserved", virile, profound and phantasmagorical. I recommend this creation to all those brave urban phantoms engaged with a neverending battle against the perturbing risks of her majesty Madame Night. "Il naufragar m'è dolce in questo mare".
7th April 2021
If you remove the resin, saffron, and overly done sweetness found in Tuscan Leather and replace it with cedar, musk and patchouli you get Vespero. An instant love for me since I never liked TL for it's loud stickiness. What you get here is smoke and leather, a touch of florals, and musky woods headlined with a touch of bergamot and apple. Starts off a little fruity at first but once it dries down it becomes dark, mysterious, and very classy. Performance is great also, but sits close to the skin - which is what I prefer anyways. I love it.
24th October 2019
Vespero is a handsome, strong fragrance of wizened but unflinching character. Opening with a glimmer of grapefruit tartness the perfume rolls up from the depths plunging the wearer into bone dry darkened leather with a patchouli heart, and doesn't back off holding through a charcoal dry, ashen leather base. The soft/dry of this particular musk base reinforces the breathless, wisdom from pain story of Jeroboam Vespero. Rated 8 of 10 stars.
26th July 2017