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Victoria's Secret (2001)

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Very Sexy for Him by Victoria's Secret

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A very sexy fragrance from the very sexy lingerie company. This is Victoria's Secret's first male fragrance and it's based on all the things a woman finds sexy about a man. The advertising features supermodel Gisele and the fragrance was launched in time for holiday 2001.
Intimate Brands, the parent company of VS is also the company behind Bath & Body Works.

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Reviews of Very Sexy for Him by Victoria's Secret

There are 56 reviews of Very Sexy for Him by Victoria's Secret.

While shopping at VS with my girlfriend, I sprayed this on me. Smells exactly like Polo Sport. Exactly the same to me. I use to have a sample of this way back in the day and I'd forgotten about this. I don't know why I've never gotten a bottle because I love Polo Sport. I'll definitely be getting this very soon!

There are many rank and file guys who aren't even aware Victoria's Secret makes any products for them, let alone a fragrance line, and are probably used to just handing the wife or girlfriend the credit card and scooting across the mall to the Bose store or Gamestop while they shop, which truly makes this Victoria's secret. The story behind Roy Raymond and his women's lingerie store that men could feel comfortable entering is now legend, and ironically turned around by Leslie Wexner in the 1980's to something that women felt comfortable shopping in after buying the company. Roy Raymond would tragically fall on misfortune and jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, but the jokes surrounding the origin of the boutique among the misinformed about "Victoria" really being "Victor" suit the context of this debut masculine scent from the house very well. Much like early Avon masculines, guys would not get their hands on this unless the women who shopped the business in question gave it to them, which when going hand-in-hand with the fact that most don't know male products of any sort exist from the house, makes this quite the lark. Those less hetero-normative or more sexually ambiguous most certainly know about this, and of course the few strait guys following their female partners into the store might have stumbled across it as well. It was supposedly created under a study of what fragrance notes women find attractive on a man, but to be quite honest, it just falls into the usual early 2000's ozonic and I'm surprised it survives today, as most of them have passed into history.

That brief 2000-2008 period where men's ozonic fragrances reached their fruitiest, most feminine, most shrill, and "perfumey" was a time when it was pretty hard to tell scents apart between the sexes unless the guy's version of designer X or Y was a clear-cut aquatic, gourmand, or one of the few traditional types squeaking out from niche houses at the time. The bottle is a box, pure and simple, with another chrome-colored box over top as the cap, so a Bauhaus-era architect must have designed the packaging. This easily falls into the same grouping as expired scents like Calvin Klein's Crave (2002) or Kenneth Cole's original masculine "New York" (2002), and even the more obscure Avon Skin 2 Skin (2003), but this surprisingly beat all them to the punch. It's an ozonic and calonic citrus blast with tangerine and lime up front, but doesn't have the jet fuel burn of the later CK scent nor the sweetness of Kenneth Cole, but instead leads into a subtle spice and woods mix of bamboo, cinnamon, and pepper before finishing on a bed of vetiver, musk, and more woods. The official pyramid is kind of bonkers, with "pink lime" and "sequoia wood" so I'm going to ignore the hype and go with what my nose says is in this. The scent is clean, sweet, airy, a bit gender-neutral, and very effective at being something that would attract both sexes or any gender to it's point of origin. I think this would work equally well on female chemistry as on male, and despite being called "Very Sexy" does have a certain level of structure to it to be suitable outside of romantic wear, with a similarity to opening shimmer of Calvin Klein's Eternity for Men (1989) making it comparably dual-faceted. Understandably, this citrus, herb, and woods style of ozonic wouldn't survive the 2000's except for this early entry. It's soft, sweet, "perfumey" countenance probably has a built-in fan base by now, with men asking the Victoria's Secret shoppers in their house to pick them up some since they can't brave their way into a store to get it themselves. My experience with this is it's very typical early/mid 2000's, just before the heavy gourmands and oud-based stuff took over. Ambroxen-fueled freshness now serves the same customer base as scents like this once did, but I still find this more appealing than them for some reason. Ahhh.. nostalgia.

Overall, if you want to smell like a Y2K career professional that is simultaneously looking for a date while staying composed for the office, this has you written all over it. Since it's still in production, you can venture cautiously into a Victoria's Secret or if you're not quite flanked by rainbows like myself, can order it from the anonymity of the internet and nobody will judge you. Victoria's Secret kept their name on the bottom (like Avon used to) so none of your beer and football bros will know what this is if they see the bottle, but all gender jokes aside, it really is a well-crafted if dated generalist scent. Stuff from the 90's seems to have aged better than this, and the aquatic was still going strong into this decade as well, so I think these were only going to appeal to the trend-conscious of the day, which is why most in this category have been axed. Victoria's Secret made a sequel that was even more squeaky clean than this (now discontinued), and would keep the "Very Sexy" name alive as a line, so there are more than this one out there if you really want to explore. Since it is a sweeter scent, it will undoubtedly not be best for blazing hot summers, and it's too light for the dead of winter, but otherwise you can test it's mettle to see if it really is what women prefer on a guy. All that market research is wasted on me, as I seldom date the opposite sex anyway, but nonetheless I have received compliments, so they must have gotten something right. Keep it secret! Keep it safe!

Decent, pleasant smell that does remind me of my 90's Eternity that used to get me compliments. Not unique but still wearable.

Performance is pretty bad for me. Lasted about 2 hours total and then it was gone. Decent projection in the first hour.

To me, this scent smells like nothing i have ever smelled before. I am only an avid cologne wearer/collector. I know little of note recognition, but i wish i knew more so I could pick up on them in VS to compare to others. Definetly smells unique to me. First few minutes definitely makes me think of "pink". It almost has a uniqueness like Eternity does IMO. Not like a generic you would pick up that smells like 1000 others. You would definitely be able to pick this one out of a bunch of generics. In my opinion.

If anyone could recommend some similar colognes please tell

Very Sexy for him -

One of my all time faves!

"WHAT are you wearing??!!"

"Is your wedding ring on?!"

"Did you smell him?! You HAVE to go smell him!"

These are actual compliments I've gotten from women when wearing this fragrance. I'm not sure what it is exactly. VS for Him does smell very good in my opinion. There is a red chilli pepper note that I think combined with a smoke and sweet note makes for a very attractive scent according to the opposite sex.

I'll be honest, I don't wear this one much for the compliments anymore (although they are always welcome!) This fragrance has followed me for such a long time now and has been there through great times in my life that I wear it more for the memories it brings up. I've worn it from the beginning when Gisselle started doing the ads for it. That face coupled with this fragrance made me think 'This has to smell good to the ladies!' And it did, as I said I've gotten more compliments from it than any other fragrance I've ever owned.

But I digress... the fragrance smells of my younger years, (I was about 21, 22 when it came out) and of watching James Bond movies, and of going out with my wife (then girlfriend) and having fun. It's become a part of me and I cannot possibly do without it in my small collection. In fact, I once heard a rumor that it would be discontinued and I about panicked...such is the effect of VS for Him!

Just like others have stated, this is almost exactly like CK Eternity but I prefer this one to Eternity.

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