Very Irrésistible for Men Fresh Attitude fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Mint, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Coriander
  • Heart

    • Basil, Lavender
  • Base

    • Coffee, Woods

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Latest Reviews of Very Irrésistible for Men Fresh Attitude

Fresh Attitude - Givenchy
Follows every cliché there is to find on modern masculine scents but cant be called a perfume. Maybe they thought that by blending basil and coffee they somehow could recreate the Angel-effect but it surely doesnt work here. A first class stinker.
10th July 2019
I would describe this as both fresh and nutty, an interesting juxtaposition. Very nice coffee/cedar base/drydown.
17th December 2018

I did not like the opening, to creamy and sweet, generic too. But then after a while, these woody/spicy notes showed up and made a nice contrast with the creamy sweetness. I really like this now, so be sure to stick around for the drydown for a full judgement.

Works well in warm weather and is pretty potent for a sweet/fresh type fragrance.
16th April 2017
Minty-angular plastic Givenchy's "stardust allure". Fresh Attitude is an hyper glamour/synthetic Givenchy's "experiment" on the cedarwood's theme based on the game of juxtapositions (minty-citric patterns, ozonic molecules, coffee-hazelnut). It is a flanker of the classic Very Irresistible For Men which is a semi-gourmand more properly sensual-warm, still minty-gourmandish but devoid of ozonic/exotic (kind of mohito-conjuring) elements. Fresh Attitude smells really close to Guerlain Homme Eau Extreme (being furthermore conceptually close to Mugler A* Men Summer Flash) and follows the trend of freshly sensual semi-gourmand laundry/angular aromatic scents which combine fresh/mentholated sparkling-angular notes with synthetically warm and sensual "tasty-toffee like" patterns. The opening is super mentholated (yet by coffee beans influenced) and mellifluous-chic with the by soon heady contrast between hesperidic mint (lavender, mint, basil, coriander and citric aromachemicals) and "nutty/suede veined coffee beans" vaguely oozing several L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme's sparks (despite the latter is far more refined and kind of luxurious in style). Along the way metallic-marine vibes and a more properly cedary (musk-ambroxan oriented) feel take the stage orienting the aroma towards something more conventionally woody-salty (kind of cedary-ozonic) and far less gourmandish (though still aromatic-nutty and kind of waxy-lipstick-like). Fresh Attitude follows the Very Irresistible For Men's glamour-chic (deliberately) hyper/synthetic theme and exactly over this category it should be assessed and properly located (laundry-sugary suede, kind of suede-like waxiness, menthol-chic soapiness, game of contrasts, juxtapositions between angular-fresh and silky-gourmandish synthetic notes). A classic example of Givenchy's style (Very Irresistible, PI Neo, Dahlia Collection, Ange ou Demon). A typical post-modern clubbing solution which could not surely allure the straight forward lovers of tradition.
29th August 2015
More than irresistible, this is just very, very, very plastic and synthetic in the wrong meaning – smelling like something which just popped out of a futuristic complicated industrial machinery. I get some nuances that with quite some stretch and fantasy, may be connected with the notes listed (citrus, coffee, cedar), but above all I get a really loud concoction of pure plastic, with laundry-fruity-citrus nuances. Mostly due to musk and citrus, I guess, and something vaguely floral. The only notes which smell acceptably “realistic” especially after a while, are cedar and lavender. With the right name and the right marketing concept, this would be easily a best-seller among the “post-modern futuristic side” of niche perfumery. As is, it's just more a depressing, Calvin Klein-esque mainstream fizzy burp with no interest, no depth, no taste (both meaning “no class” and literally, “no specific taste”). Surely it is a “fresh” watery version of Very Irrésistible though, as I get some connection to the original - and no, not that better - version, so at least that part of the name is realistic and won't disappoint you. As for the rest... meh.

22nd June 2015
Another scent I've owned since it was released and is now discontinued...

Anyway, what I get when first applied is a nice, fresh, citrusy scent with a touch of wood and a dash of floral. It's nice for anywhere from 1-5 minutes, then I get a powder-bomb of a dry down that I have yet to match. It rivals the most powdery fragrances I've ever worn or smelled.

If that's what you're into, or you skin chemistry/nose is more tolerant of this juice more power to you.
2nd December 2014
The grapefruit-mint opening is loaded towards the sweetish-grapefruit on my skin, but in spite of the evidently synthetic nature of these top notes the overall impression of the opening blast is not bad. Then it becomes rather dull, with a green-woodsy drydown that mixes the generic with the expected. Silage and projection are all right, and with nearly six on me the longevity is very respectable for this somewhat summery scent. I am not surprised is was discontinued after only a few years.
2nd April 2014
Fresh? Attitude? Aplenty !

No need to consult any note-breakdowns here. Lest you fall for any marketing ploy about "coffee" (??). Essentially, this tropical Kool-Aid set against balsamic basil, has got GAME ! A synthetic flirty head-turner like this isn't for everyone. But it's assertiveness is nevertheless appealing, owing to a structure that never loses conviction even as it loses strength. A stand-out in a sea of wan puppy-dog juice, the likes of any cKsummer2000and-whatevs. (Anne)Flippo and (Pierre)Wargnye inject the right nuance of "mint" - to buoy this otherwise strident mix, atop the cool stratosphere of Givenchy luxury. This under-dog from the fragrance puppy pound is my pick of the litter.

The (literally) edgy bottle design seals the deal !

Lotsa fun.

Longevity: 5.5/10 (in base)
Projection (Spring temperatures): 8/10 (in mid)
Art/Creatives: 8/10 (bottle, concept, and scent)
How: wearable all seasons, night or day, casual,
style-conscious, "out-going", dates, parties, flirting.
1st May 2013
Quite synthetic and headache inducing. Never hated a fragrance more recently, I simply ran to wash it off. Disgusting one.
10th March 2013
WOW I LOVE THIS STUFF! Which is very surprising as I detest the original. In the Fresh Attitude version mint and grapefruit are added to the original mocha/woody base. The combination of the mint (which is very subtle), and the more present grapefruit lend to this a sense of a battle between the sweetness of the mocha and the tartness of the grapefruit. This can be quite confusing to the nose at first but after time this becomes addictive! It dries down to an almost sensual skin musk feel. A very different fragrance and very irresistible :oP
19th June 2012
I can sense the original 'Very Irresistible' here in the base notes, but the initial application feels very different to me.

I like the effervescent cirtus notes that come through clearly at the beginning and hang around for about 25 to 30 minutes. To me, the drydown is where it has the most resemblence to its older brother. Its above average longevity and sillage make this a good option for those looking for something a bit different for summer/spring.

19th April 2011
i really don't pick up the mint like in cartier's roadster therefore i must give it a neutral. imo the same as the original. greatr longevity and sillage.
12th March 2010