Very Irrésistible Eau de Toilette fragrance notes

  • Head

    • star anise, verbena
  • Heart

    • peony, rosa centifolia, passion rose, fantasia rose, emotion rose
  • Base

    • vanilla, musk, patchouli

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Here's the thing. I'm new to fragrance, but this smells like a full accord and I cannot pick any individual notes out. That's fine! This, to me, smells kind of clean and pretty but SHARP. Not particularly floral, but feminine. You know, this smells like any memory of a magazine scent insert-card thing. You remember those? This smells like a magazine.
31st December 2021
The opening of Very Irresistible EDT is a blend of strong star anise and rose with a hint of citrus, which has a strange warm and animalic feeling to me. After 2 hours, star anise fades from the scene and leaves rose, verbena and patchouli play on their own. At this stage, these 3 notes above are easy to discern and the whole scent smells green and refreshing. I can also detect a subtle sweetness, which amplifies after another 2 hours and strangely turns the whole scent like a mixture of honey and lily while remaining soft and fresh. This final stage reminds me of similar combo in some Mugler fragrance such as Dis Moi, Miroir, A Travers le Miroir and Angel le Lys, and eventually fades out with a more herbal twist after another 2 hours.

I somehow has a similar experience with Givenchy Ange ou Demon, as they both has a pleasant base hiding under an animalic top notes in my case. The sillage is close and the longevity is around 6 hours. It has a discret elegance like other Givenchy fragrance that I have experienced and I really like the base stage, but the effect of the top notes on me makes me remain skeptical.
1st January 2019

I was smelling red fruit (mostly strawberry) and mint. What a surprise: it's rose and patchouli. I liked the idea of star anise being used, but then I don't get it. It goes too fast to a faded mix of everything. From reading all the reviews, it seems that this fragrance can be totally one thing and its opposite from one person to the other.
2nd May 2017
This is one of those scents which smells firmly fuchsia to me. Not that I suffer from synesthesia (to my knowledge) but that it brings readily to mind peony and less-red roses. This is not that romanticized, crimson Tuxedo Mask rose, nor is it the prim and pale English - it is right between, and ends up pretty, but middling. The anise lends a cooling quality to the mix, like dew drops on a garden just before dawn. The patchouli is polite and reserved, not at all like the patch-rose explosion of Midnight poison. Overall this is an enjoyable affair, but I feel it is a bit like having the horses pulling your novelty carriage bolt before you can enter for a romantic city tour - you thought it would be all rose but peony runs away with the show and ruins the mood.
19th February 2016
My daughter's very first choice - I'm the intensly proud mother of a just turned 12 girl. We have plenty of scents to try, this one was in our sample collection. I let her grand mother offer her a eau de toilette bottle for her birthday , not sure how we parents would appreciate... Wlell, we do indeed ! It is a classy classic, quite fit for youths, very pleasurable on a pre teen's scarf.
I'm so happy she has not chosen some sugary stuff (la vie est belle, or "la vie est moche"as french perfumista write...)
Try it if you can !
24th March 2015
An Under Rated Genius. I find it is so well blended that I cannot detect the Rose. I can't stand Rose but I love this fragrance! It is so well blended that none of the fragrance notes pops out above another. It is a perfect blend of Oriental, Mysterieuse, Spicy, Sweet, with Light Musc. I find it has a low sillage so it will not gag anyone around you long after you leave Like Angel Theirry Mugler. I enjoy Agel but it gags people long after you've left the scene. Very Irresistable does not smell anything like Angel though...and the bottle is nice. It is easy to use the entire bottle in a few days as it is an addictive scent. People may say something about taking it easy on it as it is pleasant but meant to be worn in moderation as a personal scent.
9th January 2015
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