The company says:
Very Good Girl Glam Parfum showcases intense cherry top notes echoed in its shimmering stiletto bottle. Upcycled rose water amplifies the feminine heart of the fragrance, elevating it from an eau de parfum to a concentrated parfum, while a base of sustainably sourced vetiver and vanilla bourbon intensify its depth and lend contrast.

Very Good Girl Glam fragrance notes

  • Head

    • black cherry, bitter almond
  • Heart

    • rose, lily
  • Base

    • vanilla bourbon, vetiver

Latest Reviews of Very Good Girl Glam

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The joy of discovery boxes is that I get to try things that I might not otherwise give a go and it introduces me to brands that I'm not aware of, though in this case who isn't aware of it.

There is something deeply uncomfortable about this line - the name, the bottle, which puts me off, but as the sample came in my Autumn discovery box, it was only right I tried it. I had also tried the original and it was ok but nothing to write home about.

This is, to me, horrible. I thought with the sour cherry and bitter almond that it might at least be interesting and not be too sweet/cloying but all those notes did was make it smell like stale sweat and not in a good way.

OK, maybe the dry down will offer something better. Alas no. I realise that the scent of lilies is not my bag and rose in perfumes tends to be a miss rather than a hit with me; and I love the scent of roses. Neither the vanilla or vetiver offered anything special either.

Worse, it still comes off as overpowering and makes me sneeze, which is always a bad sign.

I fervently prayed this didn't last long but 5 hours later it's still going strong and even in the dry down it doesn't offer any saving grace, it's just an unpleasant cloud of unidentifiable scent, like a cheap pot pourri from Poundland, that I can't get away from.

Nope, it's very much a thumbs down from me.
18th September 2022