Another flanker to Good Girl from 2016.

Very Good Girl fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lychee
  • Heart

    • rose
  • Base

    • vetiver, vanilla

Latest Reviews of Very Good Girl

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I'm finding this rather awkward. On one hand, it just wants to smell like candy. It says lychee, but I smell a mix of strawberry and cherry flavorants, like one of those packs of Starburst candy with only the "red" flavors in it. On the other hand, it also wants to smell like something chemical, like the nail polish smell of a manicurist or the smell of a salon that does hair straightening.

I'm old enough to remember the 80's, when women would get "perms", a very stinky process of adding curl to their hair with a chemical process. If you take that perm smell and mix it with candy, then drip in some vanilla ice cream in a desperate attempt to salvage it, that's what this smells like to me, and it's as awful as it sounds.
15th July 2022
An epitome of romantic love.on Valentine's Day,she meet her secret lover at the hotel.when she walked into the honeymoon suite,pink and red rose petals were scattered in a trail that led to the the living room were banquets of red roses.her secret lover had scented some of the bed pillows with it lightly.Yes love isn't always shouted from the rooftops of the city. with the smallest drop behind each ear, this love was lazy mornings kissing under the covers and ignoring the world outside...she is gracious and smooth, her charms are invisible and subtle.this Very Good Girl is all innocent but has a fun yet mischievous side to her that,if you are lucky,you will experience.

This is a different perfume than the is a sweet pink rose perfume. no old lady vibes and nothing that can compare.every woman that enjoys lace or rose should own this in their collection. it is elegant and childish like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holidays,it is joyful like sun rays through a forest canopy.the first thing you smell in the opening top notes are a really tart&sweet blast of flat litchi and berry.the parfum develops gently remaining "soft" even in the following minutes.the rose hugs you reminiscent of a yummy rose loukhoum, but not quite getting into a gourmand territory.the dry down is warm and sugary with vanilla and a little wood. Yes,in principle it smells like a typical 2000s pink fruity floral with it's dominant litchi and rose,but like a very well executed one.totally it is not girly and not mature womanly,just generally feminine,a bit of flirtatious, and very romantic in a optimistic way,for someone who can laugh at life even when it gets rough and see the silver lining amongst the rain clouds.
2nd February 2022

It’s nice sweeter and fruity. I’m picking up a lot on the vanilla. I wouldn’t probably buy this but I have a certificate for a free rollerball from Sephora and this seems like the best choice out of the ones I don’t already have. Makes me think of the Victoria’s Secret perfumes. Nice, not offensive but also nothing to write home about.
25th January 2022
This will work for some, but on me it's too young, sweet and powdery. It's pink somehow, probably the lychee and rose together. Powdery pink girl. SOOOO not me.
31st December 2021