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Super citrony in the opening, this verbena frag is refreshing! I agree with foetidus, and feel it is absolutely wearable by women as well.
12th July 2009
Verveine de Molinard is a remarkable Verbena fragrance. It is fresh and clean and sparkling as only verbena can be with its dual citrus /floral nature. Such a sharp, lively, invigorating note –very few notes can compete with verbena for energetic, but rich and deep exhilaration – especially as in this fragrance with the addition of a touch of citron and musk. For a base Verveine de Molinard has a light dusting of musk and vanilla – almost transparent and, unfortunately, very short lived. As with most Eau de Colognes, Verveine suffers from lack of longevity, but it is magnificent while it lasts.
16th October 2007

Once again this Eau de Cologne is packaged with beauty.This is probably the best Verbena around.Extra fresh and for a long time - it will leave a slight sweet note due to the vanilla and musk.Bursting with freshness - and like all Molinard's eau de Cologne superbe quality is there.Summer of course but then again this is perfect after the gym for exemple but can be worn anytime.A great great Verbena it is.laurent
4th November 2005