Vert des Bois 
Tom Ford (2016)

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Vert des Bois by Tom Ford

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About Vert des Bois by Tom Ford

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Vert des Bois is a shared scent launched in 2016 by Tom Ford

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Reviews of Vert des Bois by Tom Ford

There are 12 reviews of Vert des Bois by Tom Ford.

My lone Tom Ford release in the "scent arsenal" as it were, Vert des Bois attracted me immediately due to a poplar buds note in its pyramid. I immediately detected the distinct poplar buds absolute scent profile within seconds from the opening, as it is one of my favorite perfumery materials, and it is seldom used to the degree that Olivier Gillotin employs it in this composition.

Poplar buds absolute, extracted from the buds of the Populus nigra, commonly known as the Black Poplar. The material itself has fruity, flowery osmanthus overtones and liqueur-like davana notes and prune and fig undertones. There is also something very pollen-like, resinous, and almost vanillic. It reminds me somewhat of the smell of tree catkins. Here, it harmonizes with the oleaginous, buttery, waxy olive and mastic resin (another favorite material of mine) with its bitter-green herbaceous, olibanum-fuzz texture.

A woody, wildflower vibe is in its heart, reminding me of the seasonal transitions, mock orange blossoms, dangly, cryptic tree inflorescences, anisic hawthorn, and bumblebees burrowing into their forest floor hives. A leathery, supple dry down almost reminds me of original Jil Sander Man or Halston Z-14 with a more damp, vegetal leafiness in place of castoreum.

In summary, Vert des Bois was such a pleasant surprise and struck me as such an innovative composition that its the only Private Blend release I felt compelled to go full bottle⁠—make of that what you will.

The lovely opening that is dominated by the smell of forests, poplar, herbs, brown olives, as well as touches of fir, a general with a coniferous atmosphere prevailing. There is a touch of nonspecific boozy note that I detect, but the specific characteristics of ouzo mention in the scent pyramid are not really evident on me. Transient fruity hints - fresh plums and whiffs of blackberry, arise also, but they don't last more than moments.

In the drydown a very restrained hint of raisins appear - a bit of mastic maybe? This is softened by a jasmine, which has green as well as vanilla touches, and hence becomes quite sweet over time; I even get the occasional whiff of muguet, and, briefly and a bit stronger, of some nougat here.

Towards the base the vanilla is joined by a - equally sweet and a bit deeper - tonka note; after a few more hours a soft and smooth patchouli is evident in the background.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection, and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

The lovely green and autumnal forest scent has more nuances than its name indicates; there are also gourmand and floral characteristics that develop after the first phases. It is more variegated but also more synthetic and less intense in the forest notes than Bois Marocain of the same house, and Vert des Bois is miles behind the benchmarks of dunhill blend 30 or even Bogner's Deep Forest as a green forest fragrance. Overall 3.5

Fresh clean green cologne-like. Fairly linear. Very nice indeed. I was going to buy a bottle until I took my jacket off and up wafted Roja Dove Parfum Danger Homme. The 500 euro version. Totally outclassed the VdB and to seal its fate it's not particularly long lasting either.
Shame. Close one. Very nice.

Smells like an old man's stale cologne - a musty patchouli and not much else. Didn't get any anise or plum or jasmine i.e. the notes that promised this would be interesting. A bit of a disappointment.

Vert Des Bois is a green scent and woody tones and slight sweetness to my nose. I really enjoy this juice from start to finish. I get florals, anise, olive leaf, plum and tonka. It is very green at the start for sure. I get around 8 hours of longevity on my skin with 3 hours of projection. I believe this could be an every day office scent or for a dinner date. I would try before you buy due to pricing... Other wise, Enjoy!

This is a wonderful perfume, deep-green, resinous, with touch of florals, and ever so slightly sweet-smoky in the dry-down. Full of retro charm, but decidedly contemporary, unisex but perhaps leaning slightly masculine, and adequately tenacious on skin with a lovely sillage. One of my (newer) favourites to wear on cool autumn days, and one of the best 'green' perfumes around.


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