Vert Bohème 
Tom Ford (2016)

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Vert Bohème by Tom Ford

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The company say:

Sparkling and infallible like a jewel gleaming in the Sun, Private Blend Vert Bohéme is Tom Ford's interpretation of green at its most free-spirited. Sicilian Mandarin and Magnolia exude Bohemian femininity, exquisitely enhanced with gustavia, also known as "The Tree of Heaven", known for its spectacular single blossoms that last for just one day. The fresh vibrancy awakens a divine first bloom, crystal-clear and exposed.

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Reviews of Vert Bohème by Tom Ford

There are 9 reviews of Vert Bohème by Tom Ford.

The opening blast is dominated by a galbanum, which is a touch bitter but not very astringent, in combination is an orangey mandarin impression. The latter is not very fresh, bit quite bright nonetheless. A bit later a violet leaf adds a green undertone, and this leaf, together with the galbanum, are the main 'vert' elements in the composition.

Some florals arrive, with a magnolia especially noteworthy, with and undertone of whiffs of lilies and gustavias.

Touches of honeysuckle add a bit of sweetness, but it is not a particularly impressive rendering of a honeysuckle fragrance - this is not Creed's Chevrefeuille after all, but with time it develops a bit more, albeit in a very synthetic manner.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

An agreeable spring creation, that is not bad, but eventually too gennric to convince. 2.75/5

Florist shop greens (cut stems + water) ruined by unconvincing floral notes rendered in a cleaning product style. Comes across as a cut-price Cristalle rather than the wallet emptying aspirational stuff TF would like it to be. Stick with Cristalle if you like this kind of thing; it has the archness to put any wearer in their place.

I am concluding that To Ford fragrances can be grouped into classes...quite a few of them smell alike enough to be flankers of each other.

Such s the case here...falls in line with Oud Mineral and Oud Fleur. There is another one but I cannot think of it now.

There is a sparkling, metallic quality to it as others have mentioned. This limits the application to only a group of people that can pull this off...and I am not one of them.

I find it leans feminine as well, with a prominent floral lead and a patchouli backing.

You should like this if you like the ones I mentioned above.

"Boheme: A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior"

As a whole, that seems to describe Tom Ford's approach in his Private Blend creations. And now, we have the "Les Exraits Vert" series EdP with such a moniker: Vert Bohème.

This is a really "green" fragrance, unquestionably. I'd summarize it as an aromatic bitter floral loaded with greenness.

The South American gustavia superba note - commonly known as "membrillo" - appears to have a sweet, waxy odor during bee pollination season only. But after too long, the membrillo flower can end up smelling awful.

So Tom Ford's utilization of this note is rather ambitious and thinking radically outside of the box - apropos to the name of this fragrance!

I can only assume that part of the floral mix I perceive with Vert Bohème includes membrillo. Overall, I find it a bit odd for me and leaning feminine, with magnolia dominating, violet offering a touch of its presence, and a nice honeysuckle note. It resembles Chanel's Cristalle EdT perfume for ladies.

An acquired taste EdP, IMO.

An intense green floral that sparkles. Galbanum and mandarin first erupts into a green fizziness and segues into a white floral middle phase of magnolia and honeysuckle then fades (mercifully and quickly) into a hint of faint violet cloud.

A Tom Ford creation that I cannot, in good conscience, endorse.
For the record, this is not unisex.

A disappointment.

The magnolia and violet smacked me in the face. I can see where TF tried to go with this one, but it just didn't work for me. The notes seem generic and kind of cheap IMO.

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