Versus Time to Relax 
Versace (2002)

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Versus Time to Relax by Versace

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Part of three new scents in the Versus range: Time for Energy, Time to Relax, and Time for Pleasure. Energy and Relax are unisex, while Pleasure is for women only. Time to Relax is designed to create a sense of wellbeing, relaxation and harmony.

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Reviews of Versus Time to Relax by Versace

There are 4 reviews of Versus Time to Relax by Versace.

Not one of my favorite outings in Versace's "Versus" set.

Time to Relax is chock full of unusual notes, some that I've never experienced before (i.e. hawthorn). There is a pronounced floral element that seems to imply this to be more a women's fragrance (on the unisex scale). It has a relaxing effect, but not memorably so.

There is a similarity between Time to Relax and Dsquared2's She Wood Velvet Forest Wood perfume. TTR isn't great on the longevity factor, which is no issue with Dsquared2's fragrance. Something to consider if one is considering sampling / buying the PRICY bottles of TTR online.

I own one, and I can't wait for it to finish or perhaps get rid of it. Lack of identity and I can't figure out what it is suppose to be. I gave it to my mom, she complaint about it. I gave it to my sister in law she said it wasn't to her liking. Lastly it just sat there in the bathroom, waiting for anyone to use it up.

Its a unisex fragrance but definately more suited to women then men . Its nothing special as its a very plain scent after 10 min it smelt quite sour on me so its a definate no from me

Nice citrus, aquatic scent, but rather like about 1000 other citrus, aquatic scents. Definitely lacks distinction and backbone. Worst, though, is the longevity... you can seriously count the seconds as it dries and disappears on the skin. It makes Hermes Eau d'orange Verte seem like a long-laster. Not worth the effort of finding a bottle, even though it can be obtained cheaply.

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