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Versace (2000)

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Versace Woman by Versace

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Versace Woman is a women's perfume launched in 2000 by Versace

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Reviews of Versace Woman by Versace

There are 12 reviews of Versace Woman by Versace.

Like a group of infants running around screaming - while the playground monitors stare into their phones obliviously.

On my skin I get a fruity-berry dominated opening, mainly raspberry, with a jasmine - centred floral drydown. The base has a woodsy core and unfortunately is too synthetic and unoriginal to be truly convincing. Otherwise a pleasant and somewhat unusual creation.

The sillage is moderate, projection adequate and I get five hours of longevity overall. 2.5/5

VERSACE WOMAN is a blend of aromas that is so fresh with just a hint of sophistication and sex appeal.It represents the essence of femininity. unpredictable and urban,playful and fruity.It starts with the bracing freshness of bergamot and rose,like sunshine in a bottle.elegant,soft, refined,feminine, charming,interesting but nothing special.

This scent is all about energy and seduction,with top accords of rose, jasmine leaf and bergamot over a fruity heart rich with raspberry,plum and lotus.a sensual yet soft base of creamy amber and musk add comfort and makes you feel soft yet sexy.i also really like the beautiful design of the bottle.

You can wear it both daytime and nighttime but it is the kind of fragrance that reminds you of something you have already.if you like the scent of amber,this captures the essence and warmth and the sensuality in a good way.In conclusion i like it but it is not a great surprise.

I love this perfume. It matches my chemistry perfectly.

This is such an impressively unique perfume. I love that not many people know of this fragrance, so whenever I wear it people recognise it as 'my' scent.

Out of all the fragrances I own, this is one of the few scents that portray true elegance and sophistication. In some ways it's my 'grown up' scent. Versace Woman is a fragrance that you can imagine yourself wearing to a strict formal event while sipping sparkling champagne and trying not to spill a drop on your expensive black satin gown.

I love wearing this when I go out at night because it has such great lasting power and sensuality. This is one perfume that I find intrigues men to come closer.

I get a lot of raspberry and amber in this fragrance which I absolutely love. I think this is a perfect scent for people of any age.

Sexy and Feminine the opening starts with Ripe and
succulent Red Raspberries in one minute dries to a
creamy scent of vanilla deep juicy plum dries the
top layer, Unfortunitly it turns synthitic but it
dos'ent overwhelm but still smells delicious during the scent life on my skin which sadly it fades quickly i forgot to mention the rose note durning
the middle of the top opening quietly soft and not
embransive it plays a passive host compare to the
harsh top opening, Amber sweet and not cloying
adds a bit of sweetness to the Raspberry and tart
plum, The wood note which is elusive hard to dectect
lotus just seems invisible a flower that only reveals
to a select few but not a my skin.
It's hard to classify this is it an average Frangrance
or above average it has a promising opening but fails
with it's silage Womanly and yet fun these are one of
those scents that gives both signals.

This is one of my favourite perfumes. Smells nice and stays longer than Britney lines. Smells elegant. Love it

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