Versace Versense fragrance notes

    • bergamot, green mandarin, fig, sea lily, cardamom, jasmine, cedar, sandalwood, olive wood, musk

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So fruity it's almost burp-ish. Disappointing. How can they assume that all women like cloying sweet scents?
22nd May 2020
Fresh, green, citrusy, fizzy, light and bright. Very likeable. Very spring-like. Very uplifting. I applied it on the back of my hand and could feel the joyful sparkly lemony and a bit herbal whiffs of it through the day - I was surprised to see it's quite long lasting. It doesn't shout, but you can feel its presence without sniffing your hand directly. Smells youthful, but definitely not immature - I imagine a professional woman with short hair, glasses, trouser suit, comfortable shoes (as she's always on the run), witty smile and curious attitude rocking this.
14th October 2019

LOVE this fragrance for Spring and's PERFECT for warm weather. Great for daytime, office, and summer nights.

Looks like it's quite affordable these days, too! Always a plus for my little perfume budget! :)
23rd May 2016
A Citrusy Scent with touch of floral. VERSENCE is definitely bright fragrance that freshness is a definite characteristic in it.nothing very special&akttractive but beautiful scent like the joy of living. crisp,urban, sparkling,youngish,clean, modern and interesting.

It starts with citrusy and fresh nvotes that supposedly makes people think you are younger than what you are then appeal a beautiful charm tinged due floral heart.upshot musk and sandalwood create an clean and soft base that is gentle on your skin and tender feeling for your nose.

In my opinion this VERSACE EDT is not too is s a casual everyday scent.highly recommend for a lady do not like strong smell.perfect in warm weather.Ideal for a modern lady (20/30 years old).totally this is not more than a Simple fresh fragrance for me.
10th May 2015
This Versace's fragrance (despite not specifically classified as aquatic) is more aquatic (which doens not mean necessarily ozonic) than the Pacific Ocean. A blend of citrus, grapefruit, aromatic patterns (verbena is notable), floral notes (lily of the valley over all), green tea, woods and musk. Versense does not manage to be what on the contrary Roger&Gallet The' Vert is. Supreme sharp boredom, it smells like 1000 others around.
27th February 2015
Orange and vegetal greens open up this fragrance before a heart of sweet figs and aromatic incense woods vibe comes forward and remains strong for hours. Not a cloyingly sweet fragrance, but bold and sophisticated. Perfect for a mature professional woman I'd think. Definitely a complex commitment. Lasts over 7 hours.
1st June 2014
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