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Versace (2006)

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Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

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Versace Man Eau Fraîche is a men's fragrance launched in 2006 by Versace

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Reviews of Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

There are 163 reviews of Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace.

One of the first scents that I ever purchased. I bought the 30ml from retailers before realizing the world of grey markets. Anyhow, I loved the scent at first sniff. It's non-offensive and mass-pleasing. Doesn't lean too citrusy, aquatic, or fruity, because it balances right in the middle. It combines the best of all elements. This smells very similar to D&G's Light Blue for women, but this is more aromatic and has more depth. The star-fruit note blends really well with the light woody-ambery base, but it feels more musky than woody. You aren't going to get a pencil shaving type of wood. The wood only exists to give some roots to the musk so it doesn't fade away. I get wateriness from the overall effect; this scent is quite unique. Other scents like Azzaro Chrome Sport try to mimic only one facet of the fragrance, and ends up smelling a bit harsh.

Some people say it smells weaker now. I don't know if has been reformulated, but I think the performance has become weaker. But it's fine. Just give this 5-6 sprays. It's perfect for the summer, and you can afford to overspray this scent.

Some people might say this is generic and uninteresting. It's definitely linear and simple, but I would argue that this is well blended and is one of Versace's best fragrance.

What a lovely, refreshing and refined fragrance. A summer sensation. Simply smashing.

The glorious burst of citrus out of the bottle hangs on for a decent amount of time, drying down to a heavenly lemon custard.

Some say Azzaro Chrome Sport is an acceptable substitute. It's not really. The Azzaro is perfectly fine in and of itself, and I own it. It's refreshing and it's bright citrus opening isn't too far off from Versace's, but it still falls short. Versace's fruit is fresher, juicier and less metallic. And the dry downs between the two aren't comparable. Chrome Sport is pretty linear and nothing special. Versace evolves beautifully.

Man Eau Fraiche is signature scent worthy in summer. Would work in spring and fall too, but it's a summer masterpiece.

I wish I could detect the star fruit note listed, like I could in the old CK Crave, but it just isn't here.

Although I find this fragrance quite enjoyable, it's also very short lasting, and very linear. It's mostly a tangy lemon and tangerine, or mandarin orange. Not a typical classic citrus combination, more of a youthful style. The citrus does smell natural at times, and I even think of Jean Claude Ellena's work at some points. Where JCE always takes the route of Iso E Super as a supporting backbone to his fragrances, Cresp kept it more linear, to where I don't even really detect any woods, or other supporting base notes. Fast forward 20 minutes, I start to pick up on tarragon, giving it a the distinctive peppery/anise like smell that tarragon does so well. The sage is also hard to detect behind the melange of citrus fruits.

Sadly, it's just too light, too soft, too linear, and too boring for me. It's also overpriced for what you get, even at discounted prices. For much less, you can get the much unknown (but an absolute star to those who do know it) Banderas Blue Seduction, and get the added bonus of a fantastic mint note, and a dash of creamy coffee in the mid, that piques the interest of many who have smelled it. The retail price of Blue Seduction is still just a mere fraction of the discounted price of Eau Fraiche. The first 20 minutes of the 2 side by side, it's hard for most people to even detect a difference. Plus, personally, I have gotten A LOT of compliments wearing Blue Seduction, and none (to my recollection) wearing Eau Fraiche. If you're a young guy and wanna show off that you own a Versace bottle, then by all means, this is for you, this is the one I'd recommend, that's the most mass appealing, and also light.. which is something a lot of people actually want (though not many of us BN'ers). For me, as someone who doesn't much care about what brand makes a fragrance as much as the skills of the perfumer who makes it, I will take Blue Seduction any day of the week over Eau Fraiche. I won't be buying Eau Fraiche again, if I ever do run out.

To clarify though, it's a great fragrance. There's nothing off putting about it. I love the bottle style, and how unique it is. It's like a total 70s style woman's fragrance bottle, just as the original Versace Man was, but the fragrance inside is unexpecting, if you had no idea what it was. The aqua blue, gives you some clue that it's gonna be really fresh, as does the name.

Now since revisiting this, I will remember to recommend it more often to those who want something light and inoffensive, because I know every time I recommend a celebrity fragrance, people immediately write it off.

A summer staple. The opening to me is a little bit too sharp and citrusy,but the drydown is where its at. Magic. It turns a little bit woody, a little bit sweet, but still masculine.. And since this has not great performance, I layer it with Molecule 01 to give it an extra ISO E SUPER kick. Oh and ladies love this stuff, compliments galore.

Dont like it , it smells ok nice and fresh, but it's way to light for me, it's almost too feminine for me to say, I had a sample and I'm glad I did I thought about buying it, it's not my cup of tea at all.
Projection is ok
Longitvity is ok
Is it masculine?not at all.
I prefer Versace Dreamer..Dreamer is perfect for the daytime summer use

Versace Man Eau Fraiche opens up fairly aquatic -- and aquatics heavy on dihydromyrcenol wear horribly on me -- so I was prepared for this to go south fast, but it turns out that this is really more of an inoffensive eau de cologne with an aquatic start.

It turns out that the acrid aquatic effects of this are really only around for the intro, and after the top notes start to dry off, it becomes a lot smoother, becoming a very clean, soapy, woody/amber with an aquatic aura. This scent really seems to bridge the gap between eau de cologne and aquatic, which some may see as a benefit. Personally, I see it as a scent that does two things at once but excels at neither. That's not to say that this isn't a good scent. It's nice if your tastes seem to fit that niche that I described, but otherwise, it just seems like another indistinctive "fresh aquatic."

Versace Man Eau Fraiche is a "mall scent" for all intents and purposes, and so long as you're not expecting this to be more than it is, you may enjoy it just fine. I will say that it performs decently in warm weather, which is always the most challenging weather for me, scent-wise, so credit is given where it's due. It's a decent yet forgettable fragrance as far as I'm concerned, but good enough that I'll give it a thumbs up and toss it into the "nice, but not for me" pile.

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