Versace l'Homme 
Versace (1984)

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Versace l'Homme by Versace

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Versace l'Homme is a men's fragrance launched in 1984 by Versace

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Reviews of Versace l'Homme by Versace

There are 92 reviews of Versace l'Homme by Versace.

Versace L'Homme is a beautiful masculine, warm, woody aromatic scent. It is a classic barbershop scent of the 1980s and is still very wearable and able to garner compliments today. The opening is great and catches my attention with strong wood and moss elements tampered with patchouli and the labdanum bringing it together and giving it some warmth. There is a soapie accord in the opening that gives a very nice clean feel. As Versace L'Homme begins to dry down the soapiness gives way to a more leather scent with some nice herbal elements. I'm a fairly recent user of Versace L'Homme and I wish that I had discovered it years ago. This is becoming one of my favourite fragrances in this genre. Very enjoyable, great longevity, good sillage and good value. I find Versace L'Homme to be a fairly versatile fragrance and would be a good signature scent for a man over 50. Younger men (30s & 40s) can get away with it too on occasions where they want something masculine and elegant; something different from the typical sweet vanilla scents that are so ubiquitous today. Versace L'Homme is an excellent chypre and I'm very happy that I added it to my collection.

They just don't make them like this anymore, no sir. I have a 30 ml vintage and when I wear this I want to time travel to 1986. Except I am not sure I want to be around all that cigarette smoke.

This marries soapy, citrusy cleanness with macho carnation and spice before it leans into a leather, oakmoss, and musk. The duality of clean and dirty always gets me.

Versace L'Homme, you flirt.

This one doesn't hold back, a classic citrus aromatic with big balls, mine is a 2021 formula and is very powerful and long lasting, it actually leaves a sheen on my skin for at least 30 minutes, opens with a bright punchy herbal citrus accord that really projects and announces itself, this stage lasts quite a good while and never really dissipates, it just gets supported with some 80's florals and then the basenotes, there is some leather in the base that offers a good dose of masculinity, obviously my formula is lacking oakmoss which is a shame but don't let that bother you it's still very enjoyable and long lasting, this would suit a classy guy with a few rough edges.

Mutton chop sideburns, open neck shirt showing chest hair and a gold chain, a fake silk polyester shirt, bellbottom jeans, bong water spilled in the back seat of a 1977 Chevrolet Impala, Zeppelin on the 8-track player. The brand Versace had no direct connection to scenes like this, other than the cheesy gold chain thing. But there’s something about Versace L’Homme that brings back vivid images of this too-young-to-be-there tableau, from my teenage days. I get a great nostalgic kick from L’Homme. Oh, and it smells great, too. A very nice head shop leather effect takes over in about ten minutes, becoming more sexy and seductive throughout the next several hours. In terms of bad boy sex appeal, Versace L’Homme makes Creed Aventus smell like White Shoulders. For boys and men out for a you-should-know-better good time out. Even smells nice under a hangover the next morning.

I bought this thinking it was Versace pour Homme, the modern freshy. L'homme takes some getting used to... the opening is a slap in the face that will put hair on your chest, but the scent mellows out in the dry down. The fragrance is both lemony and challenging, which may sound like something of an oxymoron. It has grown on me.

This is what i imagine the Dos Equis,the most interesting man in the world wears.the reformulation L'Homme is nice but the vintage is great.the vintage is one of the most beautiful fragrances in 80's.something you won't find in nowadays releases.never too soft,never too overpowering.this has a soothing and calming effect but can be worn with clothes that don't necessarily scream "beach bum".this is the type of guy who will fight when needed and hold you when you need him most.

It's citrus in the opening.there is an undertone of green soapiness that keeps the fragrance grounded after the citrusy opening.the soapy tone continues,balanced by more herbal as the basil steps forward,and green notes begins to bring the notes downward,preparing for the transition into the heart. cinnamon and leather intertwine to create what becomes the true signature of the fragrance.the cinnamon is mature,the leather mysterious.eventually patchouli and pure sandalwood comes into the is for a real man,not for little boys.

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