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    • peppermint, citrus, aquatic notes, bergamot, lemon, lavender, cedar

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You cannot fool moi,
Acqua di Giò, despite your
Excellent disguise!
12th December 2017
L'Occitane Verdon Eau de Toilette

On the way! will review when I get it, buying blind, do hope hope it's a keeper.

UPDATED 6/23/2015

It is a keeper. Today was my third wearing of it. This one has three at least to my nose of my favorite notes, lemon, mint and lavender.

Now this does not smell synthetic at all. It's fresh, uplifting and seems perfect for warmer weather. Now as far as quality of ingredients..well my nose isn't fine tuned yet but one thing is for sure the lemon note here is not as pronounced or as natural as Acqua Viva. Acqua Viva is in a class by itself.

I used to think that wearing a cologne to the gym was a waste, and that may be true. It's just that I'd rather smell this or any other cologne than the stench that is sometimes in a gym. The sillage is moderate and really is dependent on number of places you spray. The more areas I spray the greater the sillage and it hangs in there. It becomes a skin scent after about 4 hours which is fine for me.

In the middle and towards the end it turns more like a musk, not a powdery one, but a musk that that retains some of the opening blast.

23rd May 2015

L'Occitane Verdon smells exactly like the examination of its list of notes at first glance suggests. A sheer lemony accord of aromatic lavender and pervasive peppermint are dominant and I catch indeed soon more than vague connections with the notoriously minty Faconnable by Faconnable, one of the really few mint dominant fragrances of the general olfactory panorama. In a while effectively a tart-salty citrus/marine notes accord jumps up on the stage counteracting (or better..flanking) the general mintiness with its "salty acidity" (which might perform powerfully for many). The rest of the aroma is veined by musky-woody (slighly pencil shaving-lemony cedarwood) accents providing also a touch of warmer virility on skin. A decent aroma for the lovers of genre.
6th February 2015
An refreshing lemon-mint opening with bergamot and a slightly sea-salt ozonic note - lovely! The drydown is a bit more mundane, with acceptable lavender and a somewhat sweetish wood note. On my skin there is soft sillage, adequate projection, and I get four hours of longevity on my skin.

The top notes just warrant a positive score. Nice in summer. 3/5.
30th January 2015
Surprised at some of the negative reviews for this fragrance (a urine note?? really??? try showering before applying it!).

It's fresh and zingy and smells exactly of it's inspiration: a pine-tree filled valley. LOVE the fresh water note, pine and mint - like a natural, more "organic" version of Aqua di Gio but lighter, milder and less chemical.

23rd June 2014
Verdon or Cool Water? All I can think of when smelling this EdT is Davidoff Cool Water EdT; absolutely nothing else comes to mind. It's apparent there are more natural ingredients in this one than in Cool Water. If Cool Water was your thing like it was back in the 90's when it was all the rage and you still think its a good fragrance, then this would be a good upgrade of about the same scent.Pros: Probably better quality than Cool WaterCons: Isn't this scent out of style?"
9th August 2013
Nice minty aquatic like a soft, sweet fresh summer breeze: I like it...!
15th April 2013
I get a urine note from this. Fortunately it's gone n an hour or so anyway. Avoid.
10th April 2013
Nice Mint fragrance. Very light. This is more like a body spray. Mint done nice though.
8th November 2012