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Reviews of Vera Wang for Men by Vera Wang

There are 87 reviews of Vera Wang for Men by Vera Wang.

An subtle and elegant designer fragrance which a fragrance fan can actually enjoy.

It opens with a realistic green citrus which is smooth and refreshing. It's apparently green mandarin and yuzu, but all I can say is that it smells natural and unlike typical orange or lemon scents. It rapidly settles and moves into a smooth leather accord supported with spices. It's not a sharp or heavy leather, but for me is the prominent feature of this fragrance. It then blends into a sweet tobacco / leather base.

This is a very subtle and enjoyable, office-friendly fragrance, but unfortunately lacks silage and longevity. It does stick around as a faint skin scent which is enjoyable however.

Recommended, but only at heavily discounted prices, with the understanding that it will require reapplication to last a full day.
May 9, 2021

This fragrance opens up with the orange leaf filtering through the yuzu giving the result of a bitter orange. Sniffing at this orange note I pick up a lot of leather with it. A smooth powder made from lavender and vanilla reveals itself with interplay from the other notes without affecting the citrus/leather base. The nutmeg adds a hint of warmth and sweetness though I wouldn't say "spicy". The tobacco is soft and fluffy from the vanilla. The sandalwood is hit by the lavender powder and yes, reminds me of clean sandalwood talc powder.

Vera Wang for Men isn't a "wedding day" scent to me. It is smooth and elegant to be an office scent. But it's very conservative in the country club vein of other citrus/leather scents like English Leather and Safari for Men.
Mar 14, 2020

Really delicately balanced, warm and enjoyable scent. It's not daring or provocative, but is exceptionally well crafted. Fresh citrus, seductive spice and very soft tobacco, leather and woods give it an extremely classy finish.

Given you can practically steal it from a retailer these days, there's a lot to love.
Jan 9, 2020

Vera Wang for Men (2004) offers a spin on the boozy, fruity tobacco scent that took off with Michael for Men (2001) and Baldessarini Baldessarini (2002), foreshadowing the arrival of Tom Ford for Men (2007) and Dolce & Gabanna The One (2008), which was effectively the last word in the genre outside of niche territory.

Vera Wang for Men opens with a dose of gourmand-y deliciousness with bright, crisp, citrus-driven sweetness. It's refreshing and decadent without being oppressive or heavy, and the lift from the citrus keeps it feeling youthful and vibrant. The drydown moves more into smooth sandalwood and tobacco, rich but not ever as dirty as some of the more sensual takes on this style get.

One imagines that the reason this isn't more widely beloved or worn is simply the brand name and the associations with it, because this is a creation that deserves at least as much affection as has been directed towards stuff that followed in its footsteps, such as D&G's The One (which, frankly, isn't as good).
May 16, 2019

So classy is Vera Wang for Men! It gets compliments every time I wear it, and I am not surprised...

Vera Wang for Men is a balanced oriental-spicy scent that exudes quality. Opening spray-on begins with my favorite citrus note of yuzu, along with the unusual mandarin leaf greenness. The heart reveals a delicate anise touch, paired up with a moderate strength leather note plus tasty nutmeg spiciness. Sandalwood is high-quality, immediately enveloping the scent with creamy exotic goodness; tobacco adds a nice smoky touch, sealing the deal.

I have always enjoyed the understated, laid back classiness of Vera Wang for Men. Its sillage is moderate, but more than a skin scent.

Quietly sophisticated and well blended, Vera Wang for Men deserves to be listed as a legendary cologne, IMO.
Aug 19, 2018

Vera Wang for Men (2004) was a surprising turn for the house at it's time of launch, since the designer almost exclusively caters to the fairer sex, but the point behind it was as a "wedding scent" for a man, while his wife-to-be wore the original Vera Wang (2002) and accompanying bridal finery. I'm not sure how well that worked, but there was plenty of bride and groom advertising for the stuff. Jean-Claude Delville and Harry Freemont from IFF made the original, and although no nose signed off for Vera Wang for Men, it also comes from IFF and I'd be unsurprised if they reprised their roles, since it feels like one of theirs (particularly Freemont). This is by all accounts a relatively modern take on an oriental/chypre hybrid, not being able to benefit from unrestricted oakmoss or animalics, and making up the difference with "freshness" notes lifted from ozonics of the day but dialed way-the-f**k-down so they fit in the genre context. There's definitely some sharper "treemoss" here, but overall this is a very constrained modern effort riding along traditional lines. I like the stuff as the rare oriental-themed scent that I can pull off on a hot or cold day, and because it's Vera Wang and not Dior, I can apply with abandon since replacement bottles are the price of a meal at Red Lobster. This also cross-pollenates to a degree with scents like Michael for Men by Michael Kors (2001) and Dolce & Gabbana The One for Men (2008) because of it's tobacco presence, but it's really in a league of it's own.

Vera Wang for Men opens with a soft yuzu and "manadarin orange leaf" which I believe is just mandarin + galbanum, but it's a nice mix of sharp green and rounded citrus that comes across like somebody listened to online community and kept the 90's/00's trendy yuzu accord from being nuclear by adding in some old-timey body. I also get a bit of a fig/peach ghost note, which is interesting. From here, our dapper groom-to-be in a bottle goes for nutty oriental spice, still restrained, still measured, and likely boring to the fan of more daring (and expensive) niche fare. Nutmeg, anise, cardamom, and a barely-there leather note from eugenol keep it masculine but genteel, while a typical chypre base of javanol sandalwood, treemoss (in proxy of oakmoss no doubt), a slight white musk, and a lovely soft tobacco note from dry coumarin. I'm getting mostly the sandalwood and tobacco by the end, and the composition reminds me of a lighter, sweeter, tobacco-infused modern take on something like Cacharel pour L'Homme (1981), which by 2004 would not be in line with the "fresh" trends still going strong since the early 90's. Performance isn't amazing, but you'll get your eight hours. Best use would be fall and winter casual or work affairs, but I guess you could get married in it, too.

Vera Wang to date hasn't made another masculine, and why should they? The house has dialed this in so perfectly as a modern gentleman's oriental citrus chypre (that passes IFRA by the skin of it's teeth), they honestly don't need another one. Once again, this is not exotic or daring, not loud or esoteric, and marries new and old school ideas, so purists will dismiss it, but as a potential signature for the even-keeled guy who wants a slight modern mature vibe, it's nearly perfect. My only complaint with this is it's compromised sillage, as many oriental and semi-oriental compositions from the period were "quieted down" so they could run in the same races as all the fresh fougères and aquatics of the day, but without the chemical oomph of the those, can become too discreet for their own good. Vera Wang for Men might not be for the man that demands distinction, prestige, or individuality from his fragrance, but nonetheless it's certainly for the man that loves being understated and memorable, just like the lovely bottle in which it comes. A nearly-classic and soft-spoken designer gem that may not get you hitched, but will see you through most of your day's commitments all the same. Bravo Vera Wang. Thumbs up
Jun 13, 2018

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