Vent Vert (original) 
Pierre Balmain (1947)


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Reviews of Vent Vert (original) by Pierre Balmain

There are 20 reviews of Vent Vert (original) by Pierre Balmain.

Extraordinary! The most perfect green scent l’ve ever experienced. The galbanum is present front and center but completely avoids any stridency that often accompanies it. The blending is superb and it’s hard for me to separate notes, listed here it makes sense, so many, so well agenced for a wheightless, fresh and yet substantial scent.
Truly a delight!

Vintage edt
Aug 25, 2021

A spring evening, fresh-mown grass by a garden. It is a cool evening, because it has just rained. Vent Vert. I love, love, love this (I have the original vintage - square bottle and box as pictured in BN). Alas, it does not seem to last on me, which I blame on my perfume-eating skin, not VV. I also adore Chanel 19, which is similar to VV, but more floral and oak mossy. It is a masterpiece of perfumery. Thumbs way up!
Jul 11, 2021

It may not have been the first green fragrance but there can't be many greener than Vent Vert.
Green is front and centre with an overdose of galbanum at 8%. But there's more to it than just green: citrus and herbal notes, and then earthy tones come through with rooty, mushroom and barnyard accents.
The heart is a bouquet of rose-like muguet and several other flowers, and considering it's wrapped in dry notes like galbanum and woods, the whole profile is actually quite bouyant. Not as floaty as a late Jean-Claude Ellena, but it has - as the name suggests - a certain breezy quality (breezy for 1947 that is). The effect is like a dry scirocco wind blowing pink and yellow clouds through a green landscape.
Given its technical limits, Vent Vert has good poise and a solid structure, and even late on - when it approaches the dried flowers stage - it remains vibrant.
The drydown avoids becoming too desiccated, with moss and a varnish-like overlay from those excellent old musks they used to have. And the base doesn't get too strong either, the pink floral and green (and citrus!) themes remain to the fore until late in the day.
Vent Vert is a bit in the style of Emeraude (1921) but Germaine Cellier cut this, her own green gem, in her own particular way; and it's still one of the best.
Feb 26, 2021

I have a small vintage bottle which I acquired sealed in box. I love the smell, much more smooth and herbal than the modern version, but I react horribly and cannot wear it. My skin looks bruised wherever this perfume touches me. Most likely it is the galbanum. It smells lovely in the bottle though.
Oct 11, 2017

I get a powerful cut-weeds/grass greenery and beautiful flowers. Hyacinth, Jasmine, Gardenia, (I don't smell rose). A beautifully complex fragrance.
Jul 16, 2017

FINALLY I own a 15 ml of this gorgeous ORIGINAL scent! I have (up until now) been forced to only use the tiny 4 ml bottles sold on ebay or etsy. I feel so grown up now LOL!

The green scent is both sharp and sweet at the same time - not overly sweet, but enough to take the edge off and remind you that this bottle is all about SPRING! Odd, that I located this in Fall, right? Wrong. It rather feels like Spring these days! No matter, this scent is simply stunning. The rose is prominent as it is in No. 19 (vintage versions), but not a candied rose - a real, walking in the garden - "there's a rosebush" rose. Dewy, sensual, classy. The Galbanum is perfectly balanced with the Jasmine, Rose and Violet, which in turn, goes extremely well with the base of Oakmoss (I believe this is the real deal!) and Sandalwood (is this Mysore!!?). Certainly there are other notes (perhaps Orris?) but the ones I mentioned really stand out.

This vintage star in certainly not for everyone, nor should it be. We would be a boring lot if we all enjoyed the same things, now wouldn't we? If you have always enjoyed the idea of No. 19, but perhaps found it to be a bit more sharp than you'd prefer, Vent Vert may be what you have been searching for. Maybe.
Nov 3, 2016

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