Venom of Angel 
Piotr Czarnecki (2018)

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Reviews of Venom of Angel by Piotr Czarnecki

There are 1 reviews of Venom of Angel by Piotr Czarnecki.

Venom of Angel is my first try of Piotr Czarnecki's sophomore trio of releases some four years after releasing Sensei and She Sensei, since renamed Shihan and She Shihan, the former particularly making waves (I still owe it a thorough review).

Venom of Angel is a sweet scent dominated by coconut but featuring an elaborate array of sweet and boozy notes, ranging from the extremely sweet sugar cane to resins, rum, and white chocolate. Again, it's sweet, but it's not overwhelmingly sweet, as there's some bass and depth to it.

It's a very nice fragrance and easily lovable for a fan of sweeter fragrances like myself. I'd classify it as a mostly-gourmand, dominated by food notes but nevertheless modified importantly but non-food notes: in this case, olibanum and cedar.

Performance is strong, albeit not as strong as Sensei/Shihan. Pricing is $175 for 100ml, a slight uptick from the Shihan pricing of $160 for 100ml.

8 out of 10
Aug 22, 2018

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