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Fig leaf and vetiver are dominating the opening. The vetiver used here is not rooty or smoky, rather it has the green approach and it combines very well with the green and creamy fig. After it settles for an hour, it becomes even better, I think this might be due to the galbanum. This is far from being a vetiver centered fragrance, it's green and creamy, bitter at first but sweetens through the heart; the sweetness is just right, because it's paired with a sour/citric note.
28th May 2019
Nice pleasant vetiver with sweet undertones. The sweetness lends itself to the unisex side of things. The initial 15 minutes or so reminds me of a weaker version of The Goodlife by Davidoff. The dry down is nice clean vetiver. Not overbearing although it does last about 8 hours on me with 2 sprays. Enjoyable? Yes... Overpriced? Yes... Try before you buy. Enjoy!
15th August 2017

Notes listed: Vetiver, Galbanum, Black Fig

For serious Green enthusiasts read on! I ordered this fragrance blindly after coming by it on Saks website. I had no idea it existed, but the notes and Green velvet cap was promise enough that this could be something great. After reading some reviews, I took a gamble! The box arrived and is very elegantly packaged; a velvet box within a box. Once I got to the product, my 5 oz bottle felt so good and heavy in the hand. High quality indeed and feel the construction is on par with the juice. A classy elegant bottle to house this magnificent juice.

On to the fragrance. Let me say this is a real powerhouse! One spray last beyond 12 hours on my wrist into the next day! Sillage is also supreme and couldn't be more pleased. The smell; It is as you guess it, VERY GREEN! LOVE! My best comparison is that this would be Paul Smith (original green) on a niche level, and so much better; better than many others in the genre such as OV, Vetiver Babylone, Kiton, Vetiver Tonka etc etc. It opens with a very fresh vetiver Similar to the vetiver in Vetiver Tonka by Hermes. Except the tonka is replaced by black fig, which lends a creaminess that only comes out for 30 mins or so. This is a good thing as I detest Tonka. The galbanum pulls the fresh vetiver into a deeper green, while the fig adds a little creaminess and comes off as light woods with a touch of fruit. Very sparkly!

This is very hard for me to describe how wonderful this is, but it is simply stellar and worth every penny! I am mesmerized but the Green, musky, fragrance with lights woods smell. Very classy and great for any time or any occasion. This would be the green I had envisioned and surprised D&G has done a stellar job with it! Please keep this one available forever!

1st November 2014
Great frag! Very classy, elegant, makes me feel very comfortable. Unfortunately, it is highly overpriced.
Very good longevity and sillage.
4th April 2013
What a limp, over-priced effort this is. Not a lot of vetiver mixed with a saccharine sweet-sixteen style fig note. After a few hours the fig fades and a faint but pleasant 'grassy' type vetiver drydown remains. This is the best phase but it is too little, too late to save it from an overall thumbs-down. Tame and lame. If you want a sweetish vetiver stick to Fat Electrician (my own favourite in this genre) or Vetiver Tonka.
16th May 2012
This is gorgeous! Reminds me of Hermes Vetiver Tonka, but D&G's Velvet Vetiver is softened by fig rather than the overtly sweet tonka bean.

The opening is a vetiver powerhouse but after a few minutes it calms right down and the fig comes through with a soft creaminess. I think the vetiver and fig work perfectly together. The end result is sophisticated and well-rounded. Some may feel that it lacks complexity but I (uneducated heathen that I am) see nothing wrong with a simple scent that is well executed.

I highly recommend sampling it if you get the chance. I wish I could wear it, but it's too masculine for me. I think this is definitely a man's fragrance.
11th March 2012