Reviews of Velvet Vanilla by Mancera

A sensual trap that instantly poisons and draws out the pleasure to the point of addiction. A carefree and sometimes mischievous fragrance that possesses all the nuances of vanilla accords. I think this is more feminine scent than masculine. This is a classy businesswoman in a little black dress with a tailored jacket by day; and a mysterious dark sensual seductress by night. A woman who knows how to live and how to love. Her red lipstick, her dark hair and pale skin and as you walk past her table, you try not to meet eyes because you know she's in the know.

The first spray is a bright citrus. There is a gentle bitterness that comes with the top notes. The citrus top note dissipates as the angelica quickly makes her entrance, it is blissfully herbal, aromatic and green. The floral jasmine delicately comes though. Angelica is still strong and is the note I smell most of all. It is gorgeous. After a time on my skin the vanilla emerges slowly with musk. The jasmine is very delicate, there is a sheer musk, pear is faint adding a gentle sweetness the vanilla is pleasing, delecious absolutely ravishingly and deliciously beautiful.

Totally It reminds me of being outside in a garden or something right after it has rained. Really beautiful and evocative but no worries, because it quickly turns into an ultra sophisticated, sweet, perfumey. The vanilla takes center stage in the dry down and the floral notes are quietly swaying in the background. A mixture between comfort, delight and strength, this vanilla brings carnal intensity.
16th October 2020
Fuzzy, fizzy fruits on top, with sweet spices, and a hint of green stem and leaf underneath. The angelica and pear are especially pretty here.

Good blend of flower notes move in. Nearly perfect amounts of each... Smooth, vanilla musk base. Not an overly loud perfume. It's tame later but, not boring. Creamy towards the end.
19th March 2020

It kind of reminds me of Guerlain Angélique Noire with a very amplified bubblegummy tuberose note and nuclear performance, very nice scent!
20th February 2020
Fruity opening, lots of pear, bit of white florals, not much vanilla. Drydown is similar but the vanilla is slightly more. Tbh I prefer the masterpiece Black Vanilla to this, though the pear note is well done in Velvet Vanilla. Black Vanilla by Mancera is a true vanilla masterpiece, while Velvet Vanilla is mainly a pear juice scent (barely any vanilla in it).

1st June 2019
Nothing at all like the notes lead me to believe. Sickeningly sweet in an unpleasant way. If maple syrup could spoil it would smell like this.
24th July 2018