Velvet Sugar fragrance notes

  • Head

    • wild strawberry, white nectarine, pear blossom, apple nectar
  • Heart

    • pink jasmine, golden plum, red velvet cr?me, honeysuckle, freesia
  • Base

    • amber, vanilla, tolu balsam, caramel, sugared musk, baileys irish creme accord

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This is a super fun scent that smells almost exactly like cotton candy, jelly beans, Turkish Delight or almost any other similar confection that is almost entirely composed of layers upon layers of sugar, with some fruity scent thrown in! :D
I'm wearing it in the body mist, and it most strongly gives the candy-like impression when it's first sprayed on, but the scent honestly doesn't change that much, except that it has some very light fruity top notes that fade out fairly fast.
Overall, "Velvet Sugar" is a really great yummy-smelling body mist that you can wear pretty much any time! If you want a light perfume that is a super sweet candy-like gourmand I definitely recommend this one! I also want to say that I would recommend buying this over Aquolina "Pink Sugar!" Personally, I always found that one overly strong with too much sillage. "Velvet Sugar" is just right though! Definitely try this next time you're in a Bath and Body Works store if you haven't yet! It's great!
9th December 2015