Velvet Incenso 
Dolce & Gabbana (2018)

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Reviews of Velvet Incenso by Dolce & Gabbana

There are 3 reviews of Velvet Incenso by Dolce & Gabbana.

Incense perfumes are rarely as well-balanced as this one, which marries complexity with everyday versatility.

This a smoky, comforting, dry, woody experience, with a comforting cloud of frankincense wrapped around a non-gourmand, pleasant amber supported with pepper, resins, and patchouli.

There's a slightly luxe, modern feeling to it that helps balance out the churchy, spiritual associations of incense. There's nothing ostentatious about this, though, despite its commendable longevity. Velvet is a fairly good term to evoke its softness (nothing sharp or prickly here). It remains relatively cool without ever verging on the austere.
Oct 17, 2021

Velvet incenso is strong on cistus (mossy and vaguely leathery), "mineral" black pepper and smooth/soothing resins. The aroma is anything but structured or articulated but in its complex smells definitely spiritual and encompassing (with its full aura of otherwordly "forest-mountain" spiritual loneliness). I detect a mossy foggy atmosphere of "isolation" and lot of silence and assertiveness. Frankly I miss the special x factor able to elevate the juice from the crowded range of frankincense-founded olfactory experiences. Pepper and hesperides make the top stage vibrant and palpitating while the following evolution tends to be muskier and smoother. The final trail is an anonymous, somewhat resinous, vaguely rubbery long wake kind of exotic and definitely chic (less spiritual and finally more urban).
Nov 15, 2019

No-nonsence incense "offering" from D&G's Velvet collection!

Velvet Incenso contains so much of what I've enjoyed in other fragrances: Incense, different resins, pepper, patchouli, labdanum, fragrant woods.

A scent I love sniffing and experiencing, almost like I'm taking a journey to distant lands. I can't get enough of the intentional aromatic, pungent notes loaded into this gorgeous outing. Even the bottle serves to introduce the fragrance in a fitting way with the smoked black bottle.

Went ahead and got a decant...full bottle=too pricy!
Dec 7, 2018

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