Vaniteck fragrance notes

    • Vanilla, Sandalwood, Vetiver

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I was lucky enough to grab a bottle of this beauty from Molinard, such a unique delicious gourmand with a nice touch of Patchouli and vetiver and nice creamy sandalwood,I prefer it in colder weather.Love

8th September 2016
Quite nice...and pleasingly peculiar! Vaniteck evokes thoughts of vanilla/sandalwood candles. Just a bit too intensely scented for most people to wear perhaps, but just as easily interpreted as "bold". Also could be a bit too chemical for personal wear, but sparingly applied, this is a unique treat. Projects nicely and dries down softly while lasting well over 7 hours.
10th July 2014

AMAZING SCENT, This fragrance accomplishes what Angel by Theirr Mugler tries to do..but fails to do. Its sweet, but not too sweet, it smells like the dry down of Angel and Drakkar mixed. Completely masculine and manly with just a SLIGHT touch of sweetness. Not disgustingly sweet like Angel. Another winner from Molinard!
8th September 2006