Vaninger fragrance notes

    • ambroxan, benzoin, ginger, ginger co2 extract, hedione, heliotrope, kumquat, lemon, timbersilk, tolu balsam, turmeric, vanilla absolute, white musks

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The top begins with a spicy, breezy, medicinal, and astringent accord. I'm thinking it is the mix of the ambroxan, benzoin, ginger, and hedione. Then a hint of the floral heliotrope emerges. Then nostalgic notes kick in bearing a striking resemblance to bubble gum, candy cigarette, and vanilla cupcakes. The two former "flavors", as others have pointed out, are obvious. I am not too acquainted with kumquat. Could this, be the culprit? As Vaninger quiets down I enjoy a balsamic and musky base. Very artistic - very wearable. This, is a must try.
29th July 2018
The first thing I smell out of the gate is unmistakable and for me, evocative of my childhood: sweet wintergreen (I swear I didn't read our esteemed Camel's review before sniffing, but he's spot on with this point).

Specifically, it reminds of those candy cigarette things, which I used to buy with my friends from the ice cream truck as a kid. Totally unexpected, and unexpectedly pleasant to smell. This calms down to more a identifiable candied ginger, but still with some of that wintergreen-ish effervescence, which never entirely leaves the scent, even in its final stages.

It just seems to fizz and buzz pleasantly...I think of ginger-vanilla pop rocks, with a gradual smoothing to a relatively simple vanilla ginger and eventually, mostly just vanilla...but still cool and light and somehow buzzy. It's very synthetic, but this to me is an example of synthetics effectively and to an artistic end.

Bottom line: nose glued to wrist, and I bought a bottle.
9th July 2018

Can't help it I find this scents, for me, so similar to the Bubblegum from Baseball Card packages.
Not that it is bad. I suppose it is the accord created by the Ginger, Vanilla, Heliotrope, Benzoin and possibly throat tickling Timbersilk. It creates the flavour of Pepsin (Wintergreen) and almost of Root Beer or Cola.
brightens this up even more and accentuates the peppery flavour of, my experience, Candied Ginger. A Feminine Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum I would say.
6th May 2018
Vaninger sparkles like champagne in the opening with a hint of grapefruit and lemon. I was worried the ginger might be too strong for me, because I'm not a fan of ginger in food, but it primarily carries the effervescent quality in the opening and then as the scent evolves it becomes a candied ginger. During the mid-period, an herbal note comes to the fore (which must be the turmeric note listed), briefly something sour that dances in and out and then the fruit transforms from the opening citrus to a deeper fruit that to my nose was plum although it seems to be listed in the notes as kumquat. After the ginger transforms to a sweeter candied ginger note, the base opens up to a gentle white musk or cashmeran at the end.

Vaninger is a delightful, energizing fragrance that took me on a unique journey.
17th April 2018
Beautiful combination of vanilla & ginger with fantastic longevity.

Thumbs up!
16th December 2016
Following an initial blast of heliotrope and ginger it settles down to a sweet and pleasant gourmand fragrance with some relation perhaps to Gaultier's Le Male, and maybe Joop, but much more balsamic. Ginger is not an easy aromatic to work with and this perfume is an interesting take on it.
24th November 2016