Vanille West Indies fragrance notes

  • Head

    • vanilla, orchid
  • Heart

    • vanilla blossom
  • Base

    • vanilla pod, caramel

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A rich, thick, sweet vanilla with a rounded marshmallowy structure. Yes, it's sweet, but not synthetic. The vanilla is true, and persists beautifully throughout the admittedly minimal development. It dries down to a slightly caramelized version of itself. Gorgeous alone and perfect for layering. It's one of my favorite vanillas because it's sweet AND natural, unlike, for instance, some of the CSP vanillas which often go a little chemical-y on me. If you love vanilla I highly recommend this.
13th January 2009
Just got a sample of this and I really don't care for it. It's too sweet and too vanilla for my taste. I smell like dessert, but not in a good way. Like I fell into a vat of vanilla extract. The scent is strong, one-note vanilla and dried down to vanilla with a hint of pipe tobacco. I'll give it another shot, maybe layered with something sharp and citrusy. It's too much vanilla for me on its own.
29th October 2007