Vanille Patchouli Eau de Toilette fragrance notes

  • Head

    • caramel, orange, bourbon vanilla
  • Heart

    • clove, pimento, patchouli
  • Base

    • sandalwood

Latest Reviews of Vanille Patchouli Eau de Toilette

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A very nice, and very simple blend of vanilla and patchouli with a hint of lavender. Those who wanna know what patchouli smells like, sample this one and wait for the mid notes to dry down.

As far as my experience with this fragrance goes. It opens up with a very creamy vanilla, with good projection.. after a little while I get a little patchouli and some lavender, but still mostly vanilla. 4 hours in, and the patchouli takes center stage, and a very good patchouli at that. 8 hours in, and the patchouli is gone and the vanilla comes back, but very subtle and close to the skin. Both the patchouli and vanilla are always there at all times, but at certain points one may be more dominant than the other.

Just a simple, safe, beauty. Hey sometimes, I just want to wear something easy! This guy fits the description, easy with the niche appeal going on. I'll probably be getting a bottle of this in the future. Definitely not feminine, very unisex.

Edit: Longevity is also excellent, I get 12+ hours easily.
8th January 2011
Nothing particularly complex, just a competent blend of patchouli and vanilla. Fans of patchouli would probably favor the minty earthy opening but after about 10 minutes it's mostly vanilla, softly sweet and somewhat creamy. But looking for the patch is probably half the fun...!
1st May 2010