Vanille Marine fragrance notes

  • Head

    • caramel, clary sage, vanilla
  • Heart

    • jasmine, lily of the valley, juniper
  • Base

    • amber, musk

Latest Reviews of Vanille Marine

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She feel grey,she feel blue,she burn white.their heated skin becomes vanilla and caramel in a moment of elusivity. here they linger awhile,lost in fields of radiating jasmine.their words setting off endless chain reactions, resurfacing pathways of her brain, illuminating the infinite possibilities of existence.eternity presses before she open here eyes-he is gone.she is pierced by this transaction-her skin still bears the mark of heavenly vanilla and a soft juniper.she stare out at an endless sea morning the still sky.for a moment,the tranquil sea and the pale sky become one.he is lost in its endlessness...a pale blackness permeates.

The sharp collision of clary sage and marine notes with a hint of juniper hits you right out of the gate.then it settles into a richer creamy vanilla and caramel heart that carries you through the rest of the wearing.the vanilla stays for a few hours.i don't get as much jasmine and is there but overpowered by vanilla and marine notes.the dry down does get much warmer than the aromatic,sharp first spray.the dry down sits to the skin and is dominant there really here amber and a little moss shows up.totally it is pretty and straightforward with a bit of whimsy.the performance is good.
5th January 2022