Vanille Extrême fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Vanilla sugar, Heliotrope
  • Heart

    • vanilla absolute
  • Base

    • Milk

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Latest Reviews of Vanille Extrême

A very pleasant, clean and milky vanilla scent that can probably be called gourmand. I feel it sits nicely in the unisex category.

Projection is average but gets the job done. Longevity is maybe a little less than average, 4-5 hours.
16th March 2019
You get what you pay for. Straight up sweet, sugary vanilla that has a milky-ness to it. Sugary, nearly powdery heliotrope. Love it! It holds up to intense, summer heat and humidity.
2nd July 2018

Just a great, simple fragrance...

There are some fragrances which just feel good when you wear them. They can be comforting, warm and inviting... and they can make you feel good just wearing them. I think that Vanille Extreme is one such fragrance.

I find this very gourmandish. It is a sugary, sweet vanilla with heliotrope (the powdery, almond-smelling flower), which has a smell complimenting the vanilla in here. It is also milky, which reminds me of vanilla ice cream on a hot summers day.

I think that whilst the fragrance is a great example of a sugary, milky vanilla, I must admit that there are better, more sophisticated vanilla fragrances out there. Unless you want something very basic or simple, you can look elsewhere for more depth. Otherwise, it's a great, non-complex, linear, creamy, powdery vanilla which works well in warmer weather, just like vanilla ice-cream! You can find it discounted on-line, just don't pay full retail price for it.
18th July 2015
They certainly weren't guilty of hyperbole when they named Vanille Extreme. Given its slightly ludicrous premise, it's actually great fun. This is no cloying splodge of dessert, but an instant and vertiginous spike of cool, milky vanilla. Just grab a spoon and let this gourmand bring a smile to your face
11th February 2013
Simple. Vanilla. Couldn't put my finger on the underlying scent till I realised it smelt just like play-play dough.
30th November 2012
I agree with Aznavour- this smells like sugary, boozy, vanilla cupcakes. It's synthetic in an edible but not natural way, like cupcakes from a box or frosting from a can. Tasty!
17th October 2011
I have tried so many vanillas - I think I have tried them all - from the mega expensive and niche to every day oils and designer scents and yet I love this.
I love this Vanille Extreme- I want straight up ,in your face and 'I don't care if I am synthetic' vanilla.
My reference vanilla is the low brow Olay Vanilla Indulgence body wash and soap . It is the creamiest ,most delicious foody caramel sweet vanilla ever. Even Tihota can't compare to Olay Vanilla Indulgence- I guess I love it !
Vanille extreme is the best thing next to Vanilla Indulgence.
28th April 2011
Wanna smell like cupcake? Well, here you go. Vanille Extreme is not high art, but it's pretty fun. Yes, it's synthetic-smelling and the juice has a tendency to turn rather quickly, but when it's on its best behavior, there are moments of unabashed vanilla pod deliciousness that I find super-relaxing.
23rd August 2010
Mostly a very loud, very synthetic smelling vanilla note. It becomes a little more creamy in the drydown, but that may just be it fading slightly, as all in all it smells like artificial vanilla extract amped up to the nth degree. No nuances here. It's certainly very "extreme", but is it any good? No, not even a little, especially given that there are plenty of high quality vanillas on the market.
22nd June 2010
I love this scent and I especially love that it's not a soft vanilla, but a spicy vanilla. It's got more attitude, and I wear it when I want to feel feminine and bratty; like a beautiful trickster. I've always said that men love women who smell like food, and this scent definitely does the trick for me. On many occasions when I've worn this scent alone or layered, I often get approached by men who want to know what I'm wearing. My boyfriend simply nibbles his approval on my neck.This one is definitely one of my wardrobe staples.
11th April 2009
I love the original Comptoir Vanille. Do not Vanille Extreme at all.Comptoir Vanille Passion is okay, but the original was just perfect, IMO.I miss the old original company.
1st March 2009