Vanille Exclusive fragrance notes

  • Head

    • osmanthus, white peach, brown sugar, whipped cream
  • Heart

    • indian tuberose, jasmine, violet
  • Base

    • vanilla, amber, sandalwood, precious white musk

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Vanille Exclusive is one of the three new releases from Mancera, along with Jardin Exclusif and Aoud Exclusif, and it's a pleasant floral vanilla with some fruity touches, namely, peach, itself seemingly a common additive to floral vanillas (is it a floral-leaning fruit, I wonder?).

In Vanille Exclusive the floral blend (violet, osmanthus, tuberose, jasmine) has a similar effect to the blend in Jardin Exlusif of simply seeming like a well-blended/varied white floral mix, without any in particular jumping out at me.

The dry down involves identical notes to Jardin Exclusif: vanilla, sandalwood, white musk, and amber. Like Jardin Exclusif, the sharper, brighter spots in the opening are expectedly tempered during the dry down with each hour on skin.

It's agreeable, fairly well-blended, leaning heavily on the eponymous vanilla but still blending in the florals and fruits as well. It's a nice experience to wear it. Very pleasant, and a good offering of a floral vanilla fragrance–some can come off too candy-like, or too feminine, but this is well done.

It's not a huge perfumer but significant enough that its performance is not a detractor (I've never really come across Montale or Mancera offerings that I'd classify as weak performers, anyway). Surely worth trying for most of us that can enjoy vanilla and/or floral fragrances.

7 out of 10
18th January 2019