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    • Heliotrope, Vanilla

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I own the eau de parfum and I love it because it delivers what you expect : plain, sweet and spot-on vanilla.
16th October 2022
Don't roll up to this expecting smoke or booze or interesting woody notes, because you won't find them. But if you want a plain, good 'white sugar' vanilla with no bells and whistles, then this is best in class. The quality is fairly good - there is none of that screechy wood alcohol flavor you get in the cheapest of the cheap (Alyssa Ashley,some BB&B body sprays) although the heliotrope adds a rather unfortunate doll-s head plastic facet that runs close to fake cherryade or cough syrup. That little blip is brief, though, and if you apply enough of it, you get this smooth covering of plain, almost creamy vanilla frosting that can take on any additional flavors you throw at it. It's a great layering agent, especially when you want to take the sting out of sharp, woody, or strident spice scents. Basically, Molinard's Vanille is like a good pair of control underwear - unobtrusive, unflashy, but capable of getting all your wobbly bits to behave.
27th March 2020

Clearly unisex. I use this to supplement other frags that need a vanilla touch.

New bottle design is fantastic. As a super fan of purple it resonates to me (see picture from RoyalCloud)

highly recommend this unique yet simple scent
16th April 2018
Although this is marketed for women, I love it and see it as unisex. This is a pure, rich vanilla with a cane sugar undercarriage that projects mightily and is intoxicating! Very gourmand. Base has the dryness of a vanilla bean husk with a really sensual sweet smokiness that anchors the fragrance...reads true, projects and elicits so many compliments! Lasts well over 7 hours with a clean fade away that's subtle. Great to layer with other fragrances, especially PATCHOULI by Molinard (which also adds a masculine definition). Delightful fragrance all around!
13th June 2014
This is vanilla, plain & simple. It is not too sweet and it is not too strong. It is not a floral vanilla nor is it a boozy vanilla. It smells more like vanilla extract than artificial vanilla flavoring. It is perfect vanilla and nothing else. I like to wear this on days when I need a warm hug. I can wear this when I have a headache or any other malady, because it is comforting and uncomplicated. The sillage and longevity are remarkable as is the price. Molinard seems to be the best at producing value at a great price. For a knockout punch vanilla, try Habanita, also by Molinard.
27th December 2012
A vanilla that is tantalisingly delicious, and remains exceptionally balanced throughout its excellent longevity. Molinard's version of Giotto's perfect circle.
19th February 2012
I guess I'm spoiled. I tried Guerlain's Double Vanille first, then sought Molinard Vanille out as a low cost substitute. It doesn't approach Double Vanille, but then again Double Vanille is about seven times more expensive. I tend to think this is a one note vanilla whose primary use is in layering with other colognes; I'm sure it does that job well. As a standalone, I have to pass. Longevity on me is very poor as well.
27th July 2011
Thus far nary a negative or neutral. That says alot. I read these reviews before "blind buying" this and I have no regrets. Just what I was looking for, and yes I am a vanillaphile! (w/ no apologies).
3rd July 2011
To properly appreciate this composition by Molinard you don't have to simply like vanilla, you should instead absolutely love it. If you're aware of this fact , what you'll get from Vanille is a perfect straight-forward almost mono-note fragrance of absolute perfection. Personally, I've to pass on.
4th May 2011
I ordered Molinard Vanille based on the reviews I'd read on this site. I absolutely love it. It reminds me of brown sugar at first then settles into a luscious vanilla. I enjoy smelling myself all day long. The scent lasts from 6:30 am until I drift off to dreamland. I love the scent, the price and the size of the bottle. I haven't tried layering it yet, because I love it on it's own, but am planning on it soon.
16th December 2010
Love this! I bought it blind based on the reviews here and I am so glad I did.
The only drawback is it has low sillage and lasting power on me but I can just reapply as it is very very reasonably priced. Thank you for recommending this basenotes. Pure heaven for the vanilla lover that I am.
10th December 2010
Based on the strength of the reviews above, I purchased Vanille by Molinard. The smell is incredible. I was heartbroken when "Vanille Extreme" by Comptoir Sud Pacifique's formulation was changed, and instead of luscious vanilla, the overriding scent is of baby powder. Molinard's Vanilla rocks! I'm glad I found this web site and am thankful for the above reviews as they saved me time and money with needless experimentation in pursuit of the perfect vanilla. Eureka, it's Vanille by Molinard!
3rd August 2010