Vanille fragrance notes

    • bergamot, jasmine, amber, musk, vanilla

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This scent rings like a high note, in the air. A note played with a flute. It is as though the notes are squeezed into a thin line. Strange description - I know. All the notes are well blended. Sweet, definitely. Perfect bergamot and jasmine. Vanilla is sublime. One of the better vanilla-centric fragrances I've tried... Sweet vanilla-musk lasts.
8th April 2019
I think it has to be the best "lots of vanilla" perfume that I tried. And I tried a lot. It's got the vanilla, from the beginning to the end, and it's very predominant, but it's got a very "perfumy" feel. It's floral and powdery. Spicy. Not too sweet. Gorgeous.
1st August 2017

This is gooooood!! This was a blind buy, based reviews and the fact that it has so many of the notes that I love in my perfumes, and also that I was able to pick it up at a great price. It's a winner. When it first goes on, straight up I get the vanilla (no big surprise there, given the name!), but with a faint boozy note. The boozy note disappears once it dries down, and then it's just a beautiful, warm, soft cloud of creamy vanilla and musk. I think it was brilliant to include bergamot in this – it's just the right amount, which gives it a faint tang and stops this from being too sweet. I also get faint whiffs of smoke and leather, which stops it from being girly-girl and instead kicks it into more “grown-up”, sophisticated territory. And even though there's no chocolate in this, I keep getting faint wafts of it – yum! If you are a gourmand and/or vanilla fiend, this is definitely one to try.

EDIT: I've discovered that this scent makes me hyper. I love it, dearly, but for me it has to be a daytime scent. I put it on and just feel happy and buzzed and hyped up. The one time I put it on before I went to bed, I kept waking up because every time I rolled over in bed, or moved, I got big wafts of it, so my night went something like this: sleep, roll over, get a waft of perfume, wake up thinking "oh that smells nice". Fall back asleep, roll over, get a waft of perfume, wake up thinking "oh that smells so good", fall asleep. Over and over and over. All. Sodding. Night. So not a bedtime scent for me! But I just couldn't be cross with it, because it is just so absolutely, deliciously gorgeous during the day :)))
12th August 2016