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Vanillary by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

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Vanillary is a shared scent launched in 2009 by Lush

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Reviews of Vanillary by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

There are 15 reviews of Vanillary by Gorilla Perfume [Lush].

The opening is vanilla dominant and then I get that "waxiness" that others have mentioned. I think I'm going crazy again but the florals remind me of pineapples. Lush takes an interesting direction with vanilla with the addition of its floral notes.

Smells good enough to eat, a warm vanilla that radiates all day long. If you don't like gourmand, stay away

Buttery, creamy vanilla with a waxy/plastic makeup smell. Probably leans feminine like most vanillas but this smells good enough to not worry about coming off weird as a man.

I smelled and liked the spray version at the store, but my test is with the solid version. Projection was okay but longevity was very good, lasted all day.

Vanillary is gourmand and floral. Not too sweet, it's a fresh, greenish vanilla. It's not cloying, even with a wax/honey note. The solid and spray perfumes are very complimentary. Good projection and awesome linear longevity.

i own the solid version and i do like very food like vanilla scent in a good way. unfortunately dont last well on my at all;about 2 hours .a lot of toka and some flower undertone as well in the dry down.

Contrary to most reviews I find it smooth and elegant.. Not as sweet and immature..
A vanilla for grown up men and women.. Simplistic and artistic.. Only 3 notes and the folks at Lush managed to come up with a winner.. The Tonka adds some depth to a well blended floral vanilla.. Sillage is average as well as longevity.. A great casual scent..

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