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Juliette Has a Gun (2019)

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Vanilla Vibes by Juliette Has a Gun

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Vanilla Vibes is a shared scent launched in 2019 by Juliette Has a Gun

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Reviews of Vanilla Vibes by Juliette Has a Gun

There are 11 reviews of Vanilla Vibes by Juliette Has a Gun.

I bought this at a discount rate. Only €70 for 100ml. I had read the reviews here first and saw that they were mixed reviews. So here my 2 cents worth.
Opens as someone else remarked as sunscreen. At first I was disappointed. But after about an hour on my skin, it started getting much better. I don’t get the saltiness. But sugary vanilla I do get. Amber indeed yes, vague muskiness. I smell no orchid and no Sandalwood. Just this vague ambery musk like note. I wouldn’t buy another bottle, but will still wear this from time to time.

I had a sample of JHAG VV last summer and wore it in the heat... I felt so elegant and put together although I was doing some gardening 😀 So I decided I had to have it. I was eyeing one discounted 100 ml tester online for 6 months, until I got it even cheaper.

So today I am wearing it with Bon Parfumeur 103 Tiare flower, Jasmine, Hibiscus, just to try this combination. Jus de Rose on YT suggested to wear it with Aerin Hibiscus Palm, and while I own Hibiscus Palm, I wanted to combine the VV with another hibiscus fragrance.

Boy, I do smell so goooood !!! I like to wear VV on its own as well, it feels like you probably read 100 times, like a salty vanilla. I would rather say, rather like an aquatic salty tonka bean. And probably benzoin. If you do not know how it smells, do not worry, if you smell hundreds of fragrances, you will learn to distinguish the facets. Vanilla is gorgeous on its own, but Tonka bean truly gives "vanilla vibes". It smells like vanilla, without being vanillla and a bit more spicy, less sweet and more complex. Benzoin gives some underlying, slightly sweet creaminess to it. The smell of VV is rather simple, linear. But I still can't get bored of it. I think VV is perfect for layering.

The opening is an interesting vanilla blast; quite an intense but elegantly restrained vanilla compare to the more intense and fatter vanillas found in some other olfactory creations. After a subtle floral tone is evident, mainly orchids with brief whiffs of muguet, but it hardly make s a significant impact on the vanilla dominance. Then a slightly salty undertone develops, but compared to the vanilla it is, again, quite in the background.

Towards the base a gradual development of a benzoin component is evident; it is rather sublime and blends in well with the rest, something that often cannot be said of benzoin, which is sometimes a harsher and more intrusive ingredient. Touches of a fine sandalwood, maybe Australian in origin, along with touches of musks,, were also catching one's attention towards the end. Throughout all this, the vanilla, in various permutations, continues to reign supreme.

I got moderate (initially strong) sillage, very good projection, and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

This vanilla-centric composition for warmer autumn days lives by the good quality of its vanilla and most of the other ingredients; the vanilla is less of a sweet gourmand style as one might expect, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The fleur de sel is underwhelming though, ad the salty notion does never develop convincingly on me. Should one conceptualise this scent as a beachy suntan lotion scent, Bond No.9's Fire Ireland is a bit more creative. It is a bit too linear to truly impress. Overall 2.75/5 - good especially for those who like vanilla fragrances.

Not a fan. It smells like fake vanilla sunscreen. Save some money and get any other vanilla fragrance. I’m really shocked at this one and expected something better from this brand.

Imagine yourself at Capri beach. when a warm summer day,starts to transition into cool,brisk evening,you're a sitting near the shore,eating a carton of vanilla ice cream,your hair is salty and windswept from the ocean...this is definitely a very interesting vanilla but nothing's a salty/sweet vanilla with fresh plants in a blend that makes it unusual.

There's lots of salt on the top. once the heart opens i get a lot of vanilla and amber.the amber kind of reminding me of beach sand blended this way.i like the dry down,when everything gets calmand salty like a walk back from the beach. ultimately it has none of the richness or substance that i have come to expect from the Juliette Has A Gun.this is a summer vanilla but can work all year.

Great vanilla fragrance
Makes you feel like you are at the beach
The bottle is amazing longevity is srong

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