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Coty (1994)

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Vanilla Musk by Coty

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Vanilla Musk is a women's perfume launched in 1994 by Coty

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Reviews of Vanilla Musk by Coty

There are 10 reviews of Vanilla Musk by Coty.

Awakening in a soft bed of silk and velvet. The lingering light scent of vanilla on your skin from bath night before. You walk through the beaded curtain to exit the room onto the balcony. Gazing out into the horizon you breathe deelpy to inhale the crisp air. As each scent blooms into is Vanilla Musk in all it's beauty and intrigue.

Vanilla Musk was made in the early 90's, a time where vanilla gourmands were not yet made. Don't make the mistake of thinking it is gourmand. True, it's very vanillic, but it's not the sweet gourmands we have today. Vanilla Musk is somewhat sweet, but in a 90's way, before frags the candy, tooth achingly sweet.

At first spray, it started out very musky. Then dries down to a creamy, earthy vanilla. The vanilla is definitely vanilla and creamy, but not in a foody, dessert way. It's very balmy, very warm. The wood notes are there, but muted, just lingering in a way that grounds the sweet aspects. It is sensual without being sexy. It is youthful but not dated, warm without being season specific.

For me, Vanilla Musk is all about the dry-down, that make for an intoxicating elixir of pure old style glam without smelling "old". Totally it's an embrace from someone who truly loves you, or a beautiful day that makes you happy you are alive to see it.

The first few times I smelled Vanilla Musk, admittedly, I wasn't crazy about it. To me, it was all musk, and not much else. I recently decided to clean out my verging-on-absurd collection... And so I pulled out Vanilla Musk, and luckily decided to spray it again. Boy, was I wrong! Vanilla Musk is subtle, feminine and absolutely delicious. It smells just like a vanilla milkshake! I think what it is that throws me off about Vanilla Musk is just the name. (Just like with Wild Musk. I guess I just don't like the word 'Musk'!)

I bought this on sale for like 3 bucks for a 1 oz bottle, I believe. I figured, vanilla is one of the most unisex notes, and I do love it, so why not. I made a good decision, as I find that Vanilla Musk, is a very unisex fragrance. Granted you are open minded about fragrances, and the sexes they have been assigned to; I say wear what ya like.

Vanilla Musk opens up with a dark, rich yet still synthetic smelling vanilla, and lots of musk. Traces of sweet sandalwood, are noticeable to me; but, come out more in the dry down. Because of the even amount of musk, it allows this fragrance to NOT be too sweet, heavy, syrupy, or cloying as a lot of vanilla fragrances tend to be. Overall, a pretty linear fragrance. Lasts 10+ hours, projects amazingly. For a man, the opening may be a little more feminine, let it settle in for 20-30 minutes, and it becomes more wearable for a guy.

The better of the cheap mid-nineties vanilla scents. Vanilla musk is a warm, sweet vanilla, and the musk gives it a nice soft drydown.

Not a bad vanilla. I liked the Dark Vanilla better. But this was softer, not as sweet as the Dark Vanilla. Still, it was a bit boring. I love musks, but this didn't do anything for me.

Although this isn't my favorite scent, it is one of the best vanilla-sandalwoods around (a bit of white musk holds the basenotes as well). It is dead cheap, and therefore definitely worth a shot!I've gotten so many compliments when I wear this, from men and women both! The woman who my sleazy ex was sneaking around with made him find out what I was wearing, and adopted it as her own!Geez, so much drama around a cheap perfume!But really, for the buck, it's a great bang.

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