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Tauerville (2015)

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Vanilla Flash by Tauerville

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Vanilla Flash is a shared scent launched in 2015 by Tauerville

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Reviews of Vanilla Flash by Tauerville

There are 12 reviews of Vanilla Flash by Tauerville.

Vanilla Flash feels like the Tauer equivalent to Tobacco Vanille, with dusty tobacco DNA that foreshadows the more complex and delicate Sundowner.

Honeyed vanilla comes in at first, but then spiced, dry, dusty tobacco and rose takes the center stage, with the vanilla flitting in and out. That tobacco stays prominent as the rose softens and moves to the background with the vanilla.

It's simple and direct, but it's nicely done for the style. It doesn't hold back on the tobacco in the way many fragrances in this style often do.

Deep, dark, forest-magic notes, right from the start. Alcoholic spice vanilla, and patchouli blended, as if thrown in an aluminum cocktail shaker with ice. This, is good! Has a tea rose / Turkish rose, muddled into the mix.
Snarky, skanky patchouli settles on the surface of my skin, while vanilla, hovers like a cloud, above. There are hints of tobacco - leaf, pipe, loose shreds. Vanilla always hovers over the patchouli but, honestly, this is more of a patch-centric perfume. If I already hadn't had bunches of perfumes like this, I'd seek a bottle in an instant.

More vanilla, than patchouli, much later. I enjoy this more, than Floris Patchouli. Both thumbs, up!

In the Mood for Love by Wong Kar-wai 2000

Vanilla Flash is centred around a linear accord of vanilla and spices, laced with a touch of rose and patchouli. It's dry, non-sweet and even an abstract vanilla, as the spices dominate. In fact, vanilla is rather in the background of this accord, and doesn't stand out. The fragrance approximates the smell of root beer in the first hour or so, before the vanilla becoming just a bit more prominent and softening the spicy edge. Nonetheless, there is not much contrast and hardly any interplay of notes.

Vanilla Flash possesses moderate longevity but sits close on the skin, emanating a very soft sillage. While it isn't below par, Vanilla Flash is insubstantial and lacks any sort of depth or complexity. One would suggest Eau des Baux, Volutes and Eau Duelle as more compelling alternatives.


This Flash seems to be Tauer's attempt to meld together the bland but calorific cookie vanillas of the perfume world with the more serious attempts to get at the dark heart of the pod. The former wins out at the start with a kind of zany hair lacquer sheen to it that reminded me a bit of a particularly traumatizing Montale I tried recently.
Fortunately, as the more serious vanilla fortified by a dab of cured tobacco begins to assert itself during the perfume's progression on the skin the two halves of this perfume begin to balance.
Likeable, but does not wow me – it seems to be all surface and no depth.

Yes, yummy vanilla galore, sweet but not sticky or cloying m, medium heavy, rich, intensive, a touch creamy and with elements of natural goodness - veering into the realm of the gourmand.

There is enough variation to prevent boredom, with at times a floral undertone, and towards the end a touch of a smooth and fairly bright patchouli. He opportunity to play out a harsher and crispier patchouli against the vanilla sweetness could have been grasped here by other perfumers, but Tauer opted for a more tone-in-tone interplay of the patchouli and the clearly dominant vanilla - a valid approach. The rather perfunctory tobacco sidekick, however, is nothing to write home about.

The performance is impressive, with moderate sillage, excellent projection and a superb fourteen hours of longevity on my skin.

A well-balanced but rich wintery vanilla delight, maybe a tad linear and not particularly nuanced, but made of high-quality ingredients and well blended. 3.25/5.

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