Vanilla Diorama fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Orange, Pink pepper, lemon,
  • Heart

    • Rum, cacao, Cardamom,
  • Base

    • Bourbon vanilla, Sandalwood, patchouli,

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Latest Reviews of Vanilla Diorama

Love this! Probably my favorite Vanilla based scent! To me it’s a clean, classic vanilla that wears easily anytime of year, mainly day-time!
21st January 2023
Perfume-y vanilla. It's a rich vanilla but it leans more floral than I like and I don't get any of the other notes I was hoping for. It's floral vanilla on me, with moments of bugspray.

8th July 2022

I really liked Vanilla Diorama from the test strip. It was warm and seductive. However, after wearing on skin, I found it to be too feminine in scent and somewhat cloying due to massive performance. The vanilla is nice but is mixed with a nuttiness and women's makeup/handbag scent that I keep getting.

I get big projection and all-day longevity on my skin. Even washing it off can't remove all of it.
10th January 2022
Rich, delicious, full spectrum vanilla. Many similarities to Spiriteuse Double Vanille, but not quite as drop dead gorgeous. There are a few more floral notes in the middle, but you still get the raw vanilla bean notes. Very strong and long-lasting. Fans of high-end vanillas should check it out.
19th December 2021