Vanilla Bean Noel fragrance notes

  • Head

    • vanilla, cream
  • Heart

    • caramel, chocolate
  • Base

    • musk, sugar cookie

Latest Reviews of Vanilla Bean Noel

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The first time I tried this one on at a Bath and Body Works store I didn't really get how this was supposed to be "different" from the other vanilla scents they already had, so I kind of ended up overlooking it. I just picked up a tube of the hand cream scented with "Vanilla Bean Noel" yesterday though, and realized for the first time today, when I actually tried it on at home without the distractions of other smells around me, that this is, in fact, another scent that is based around the smell of hot, caramelized sugar in the heart notes, like Prada Candy. It is lighter and sweeter than Prada Candy though, and seems mostly sugary, sweet and gourmand, whereas I find Prada Candy to be far more mature, dark and smoky, with a lot less sweet. Nevertheless, "Vanilla Bean Noel" is still actually based around the notes of hot caramel and vanilla, the same notes Prada Candy is based off of. Overall, I think I prefer "Vanilla Bean Noel" though, because it is just so fun and festive! Overall, it's just a really great, yummy scent that I never get tired of. I highly recommend it. :)
23rd November 2015