Valentino Uomo Acqua fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mandarin, green tomato
  • Heart

    • sage, patchouli
  • Base

    • leather, iris

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Arguably, this is the best from the Valentino Uomo line. At least for me.

Quite an unique combination of very dry iris, watery tomato leaf and some citruses. To me Uomo Aqua has the most prominent iris from the whole Valentino Uomo line. I do also smell leather in the drydown which makes it suitable rather for men. However women can eventually pull it off as well.

Longevity is 4 to 6 hours on me, sillage is medium.

I am telling you, this tomato leaf is worth buying this fragrance blind.
27th August 2022
Like peace, like everything is going to be alright, elegant, clean, calming. VUA has character, texture, eloquence, and a hint of playfulness. It is a nice flanker if you enjoy Uomo but found it a bit too much. Less sweet, less transparent and more fresh and cleaner than the original. This is not too much your face and doesn't scream "look how strong and manly i am" but one of those lovely masculine scents that makes a girl want to bury her face in your neck.

Definitely masculine despite the presence of a prominent iris, which it gets the powdery touch. The iris is beautifully blended with citrus, fresh tomato leaf and sage. Till the dry down it gradually becomes more and more closer to the original but the powdery sweet florals are always in the background. It makes you feel sophisticated and relaxed. To me it smells more aromatic than aquatic, like a mixture of Dior Homme Eau and Valentino Uomo. Incredibly versatile, but performance not as good.
7th June 2021

Just barely a thumbs up for me because it still has plenty of the original Uomo in the drydown. The opening is orangey/citrus/fruity sweet, reminds me of polo red minus the chocolate, and then add the iris. I wouldn't call it "Acqua", more like Uomo Black or Red.

Projection is average. Longevity in the 4-5 hour range.
22nd June 2020
This smells really good. It has the same aquatic feel as Invictus Intense, but backed by the iris/leather focus of the Valentino and a dash of patchouli. I can feel the sage a bit more detectable after about an hour and a half. It has an overall chilled aquatic vibe. It really is a quite nice fragrance, quite pleasing. Longevity was above average 8 hrs, and projection was fairly high for the first hour, skin scent after 2.5 hours. Its a little heavy for my tastes, a little sweet, but I think this is a quality, well done addition to the lineup. I also feel like this is a good take on the iris theme that is very popular. A flanker that should probably get more attention than it does. Thumbs up here.
21st November 2019
Great scent, but, EXTREMELY weak..almost greiviously poor performance! Nice if you want to smell awesome for 30 minutes and that's it. Sort of classy and kind of feminine leaning, definitely not for me. Why is good performance so much to ask for???
7th February 2019
This is very light to my nose. I actually can't smell anything much except a bit of woodiness. Not for me I'm afraid; I prefer something with a lot more substance and strength. Therefore, I can't give this anything except a thumbs down. Disappointing.
11th January 2019
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