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    • bergamot, white truffle, white flowers, strawberry, cedar, amber, vanilla

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I really liked this the first time I tried it, so after a few years past and I had the chance to get a large decant, I went for it. This time around, it's less golden peaches and French sparkling aldehydes and more sweetness and hand lotion creaminess. It's like a cream scented with super sweet fruit and tropical white flowers, something that is not remotely my kinda thing. Pretty, easy to wear and will please many, but it's a pass for me.

8th July 2022
The expressions of a woman's self.the fragrance is nice but by no means unique in anyway.a white floral fragrance for refined women. Valentina soft enough to not be overpowering,yet stays with you enough so you feel like you stepped from a shower hours after applying. delicate,floral,warm,delicious, cute, versatile and utterly feminine.

It opens with a refreshing sparkle of crisp bergamot,opulent jasmine, tuberose and wild strawberry in the heart.this scent the base notes to a soft,powdery and very feminine by warm amber and a touch of vanilla that makes youth dew a captivating scent that days forever young and forever is sensual but not in a decadent way.Valentina like a bouqet of sweet smelling flowers all around you.

It is overall discretion make it fit for everytime,as long as you want to smell pretty and my opinion any ladies of any age could easily wear this kind of fragrances but in my mind Valentina is suitable for a conservative young woman.perfect for daytime as well as the evening.totally a nice scent in a unique bottle.
24th June 2015

That overused strawberry note in the topnotes almost drove me away, but Valentina pairs it up with liqueur-soaked mint and herbal greens. Fairly quickly, a sweet condensed milk smell, caramelized and thick, takes over as the star. The fruity topnotes stick around as a sweet aspect of the caramel, while the boozy greens provide a much-needed counterpoint. All of this happens under a layer of soap just thick enough to make the whole thing smell "perfumey" as opposed to just another dumb sweet perfume.

Valentina isn't as terrible as many of these new high end designer perfumes, which are often content to smell like strawberry shampoo. The mix of perfumey soap, boozy greens, and caramel is interesting, but not really my cup of tea. That being said, this probably would have merited a thumbs up if not for that strawberry note, which was clearly and obviously included specifically to dumb this down.
29th January 2014
OriginalThe truffle and flowers are bright and white, and the combination with strawberry and vanilla quite pleasant. A nice, pleasant spring scent, and with decent quality of ingredients.
6th September 2013
One of my new favoritesI first tried this fragrance in a magazine. I then ordered a sample and tried it on my skin. I didn't fall in love with it at first, but once it settled on me, I was hooked. Great new fragrance. Can't wait to buy it.Pros: MemorableCons: Not for everyday use."
6th September 2013
Sweet. Super sweet. Intensely sweet. Candied.
Young, girly, giggly.
A veritable bon-bon.
Like biting into a perfume-drenched sugar cube.
28th August 2012
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