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Jean Patou (1936)


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Reviews of Vacances (original) by Jean Patou

There are 6 reviews of Vacances (original) by Jean Patou.

The opening transports me into a verdant and fragrant flower garden: Lots of hyacinth, hawthorn and carnation, with touches of sweet clover - an opening of discreet natural sweetness. This is touched up with a sprinkle of aldehydes, which are not in the foreground or dominant like in Chanel No.5, but are skillfully applied to brighten up the other components in a gentle manner. A hawthorn develops a bit later, a discreet hawthorn that remains in the background; this is no Aubépine-Acacia as far intensity and vividness is concerned.

The drydown adds a lilac very soon, and this lilac, which is a good and realistic depiction of this plant's blossom, grows onto a dominant player on this olfactory field. it is a rich lilac with just a tiny bit of an indolic character. Roses and mimosas, less vivid on me, are present in the background. Sweet peas provide a herbal sidekick, and heliotropes with dashes of galbanum add a sweet and restrained spiciness.

The base adds a wood note, a sandalwood, as well as very discreet combination of a soft oakmoss and a smidgen of musks. Towards the end I get transient whiffs of a herbal undertone, like dried basil.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

This beautiful scent for warmer spring evenings, complex with good development, blended beautifully, naturally sweet without ever being intrusive of cloying; truly a worthy counterpart to JP Pour Homme. A masterpiece. 4.5/5
Feb 10, 2021

I love the enthusiasm of this. A green field of flowers fruits and grass, Vacances is a bit gauche but really delightful.

It's a celebration of summer, and the first paid holidays in France - which began the year Vacances was released. It seems designed to channel the joy of urban workers on discovering the countryside.

Those who know Ma Griffe will find echoes in Vacances with it's light green aldehyde style, but in fact it was ten years ahead of the Carven and it's gaity is more infectious; an all round better perfume, and the only sweet pea I know - except for the real thing...

Some perfumes by Henri Alméras don't really hit the target, feeling like they were made to reflect - and exploit - a socio-economic niche, like the pineapple smell of Colony for instance. But while Vacances was clearly aimed at a new market, it is truly felt; a limpid impression of summertime, and a wonderful perfume.
It is, if you like, Patou's Pastorale ...
Jan 2, 2021

I've just written a review for the new Collection Heritage version of Vacances, and I'm going to paste my review here, as it smells exactly the same as the original and Ma Collection versions:

Vacances is a beautiful, very natural smelling, and relatively simple fragrance (especially in comparison to most Patou perfumes), dominated by lilac, against a background of green notes; perfect for spring and summer.

There is very little more I can say about the fragrance itself (if you like lilac, you'll probably love Vacances). The Collection Heritage version of Vacances smells exactly like the original and Ma Collection versions.

(The perfume gets its name as it was created to celebrate the first paid national holidays in France in the 1930s).

Oct 6, 2016

Ma Collection review:
Opens with powdery hyacinth, lilac and mimosa. Then a touch green galbanum emerges which grounds the honeyed florals a bit. A perfect romantic perfume to celebrate spring. I really appreciate this even it is not my usual perfume style.
May 5, 2016

It opens with beautiful , refreshing, green flowers. Then, on my skin, it soon turns into a huge heliotropin cloud. No marzipan or almonds, just fluffy, floral heliotrope. Soft and comforting, and quite long lasting. If you are expecting a cocktail-filled vacation on the beach, this is nothing of the sort.

The fact that heliotropin has been declared sinful by IFRA makes me like this even more.

(this is for the 1980s reissue)
Feb 2, 2015

This is one of the greatest perfumes -- EVER! If ever you wanted to go on vacation and don't have a sou to your name, buy whatever you can-- buy now -- it is discontinued. It is the greenest of greens. Freshly cut lawn with the lilacs growing behind. Sheer garden majesty! If ever I were on a deserted isle I would want this fragrance.I see it going for ridiculous prices on the net but believe me it is worth it!
Jul 3, 2010

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