Euphorium Brooklyn (2015)

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Usar by Euphorium Brooklyn

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Euphorium Brooklyn
Fragrance House
Stephen Dirkes

Now also available in Perfumer's Alcohol formulation.

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There are 3 reviews of Usar by Euphorium Brooklyn.

This is not flamboyant like 100 Tweeds. This is a subtle fragrance, giving me pine bed, wet earth and a whiff of smoke. This made me think of Norne by Slumberhouse, toned down. There is faint citrus at the opening, but I believe the ginger balances out the earthy and semi-sweet qualities through the end. Good, certainly not great. Thumb neutral and a pass.

This is delightful.

I am not very good at picking out notes (work in progress), but this is smokey, resinous and yet I get some green moments. It is occasionally sweet, but the sweetness is almost an undercurrent. I really enjoy this so far!

I've tried all three in this group, and both this and Cilice are my favorites. The depth is amazing, and it feels other-worldly in some ways.

A bright lemon, combined with a slightly sweet raisinous ginger created a beautiful and quite original mixture of top notes. Rich, warm, glowing but with ascertain freshness and never heavy or cloying, even after the drydown adds additional light spiciness - a delightful composition.

In the later stages a more earthy and woodsy undertone, but it is never dark or dirty and maintains the look at the bright side of fragrance life.

The sillage is quite strong on my skin, the projection good, and the longevity nearly seven hours. The quality of the ingredients is superb, as is the blending. A lovely scent for cooler spring times or warmer autumn days. 3.5/5.

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