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Ursa by Tiziana Terenzi

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Ursa is a shared scent launched in 2015 by Tiziana Terenzi

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Reviews of Ursa by Tiziana Terenzi

There are 3 reviews of Ursa by Tiziana Terenzi.

Ursa opens with a pungent, spicy, boozy bouquet that quickly settles into a tobacco-centered fragrance with touches of incense and prominent patchouli and vetiver notes. The tobacco is cured, golden and nutty with hints of fruitiness, similar to fresh cigarette tobacco, and blends nicely with the earthiness of the patchouli especially (the quality of this patchouli note reminds me a little bit of the patchouli in Jovoy Psychedelique -- really nice!) Underlying the whole is a subtle leathery accord with just a touch of pong.

Ursa wears extremely close to the skin and is not long lasting on me, but if sprayed on clothes as well will generate a soft, very pleasant scent bubble. I like it -- it is both enjoyable and interesting -- but I do not love it, although I might if it came as an edp rather than an extrait and the projection was better blah blah blah... whatever! For those with an interest in tobacco perfumes, Ursa is sniff-worthy for sure.

Reminds me of Straight to Heaven. Has that airy, woody, wet hay smell.

Big performance on minimal sprays for me. Big, loud opening that lasts for a few hours before settling down. The drydown isn't as loud but the scent remains the same, except slightly sweeter and less dry. Lasts all day.

I don't get any tobacco or rum, so this is not a dark fragrance to me. Also, the patchouli and incense were not as dominant as I thought they would be, again making this feel like a scent appropriate for warmer climates and more casual attire. Even though it's not listed, cedar is what I keep getting along with that hay note.

Got a sample of this from Barneys in Vegas. It is a very interesting tobacco scent. It is not fresh or sweet tobacco, but more of a damp, musty aroma similar to stepping into a cigar store humidor.

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