Urban Musk 
Tom Ford (2009)


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Urban Musk by Tom Ford

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Urban Musk is a shared scent launched in 2009 by Tom Ford

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Reviews of Urban Musk by Tom Ford

There are 11 reviews of Urban Musk by Tom Ford.

First scent that comes to mind upon smelling this musk creation from Tom Ford: Kiehl's Musk, which I never was fond of (or, I haven't come to appreciate it yet?).

Not crazy about this one, though it seemed to have potential to allure me. It's just too animalic, sweet and bright, which I do NOT want to smell like.

I just hated this when it first came out - all I smelled was soap. Now, years later, having gotten to know musks better and developed an appreciation for the genre, I'm enjoying this considerably more, but am still not blown away.

My initial thought upon first spraying is that this smells like the drydown of a better perfume. But then, given time, it evolves and proves itself proper in its own right.

So what does it smell like? Galaxolide on top (the smell of Keihl's/Jovan 70's musk), abstractly floral and powdery, with the odd addition of sour greens. Later, as the greens mercifully fade, cinnamon comes in, along with a deeper vanilla musk, which explains the comparisons to Musc Ravageur.

In all, I think this suffers in comparison to Keihl's, Jovan, and Ravageur, so it's hard to go higher than a neutral rating. I'd also suggest that for those reading these reviews in search of a complex, expertly executed combination of musks, my current pick of the genre is Parfum d'Empire's mindboggling Musc Tonkin.

Start at Kiehl's take 2 steps towards MKK and a step toward MR. Or is it 2 from MKK towards MR and 1 towards the Kiehl's? Or 2 to the Kiehl's after taking 1 from MR towards MKK? In any event I think if you like any of those there's a good chance you like, liked, or might very well like Ford's Urban Musk. I paid about $2/ml for a 50ml bottle and am glad for it. It's gone, discontinued.

shoddyWhat is an urban musk? And, importantly for fashionistas, who prioritize urban above all else, what would a rural musk or a suburban musk smell like. Accordingly, cow shit and hell? Urban musk smells to me like Kiehl's Musk Number One that has been watered down both in fact and in concept. It smells like a bland, slightly berry-like musk that has been accented with a drop of an animalic musk then diluted by a non-descript sweet floral. When the Ford Privée line offers a deliberately simple product, such as Azure Lime, or a new take on a familiar piece, such as Lavender Palm's take on lavender, I'll cut them some slack. When their product is a shoddy take on a simple product available at 1/10 the cost, I say fuck 'em. Don't buy it. from scent hurdle.com

I love Dumbo but this.... Dumbo is a Disney creation. Urban Musk is a Tom Ford creation. I wished I could flap my ears when I tried it, anything to fan away the odor of the elephant house. Yes, this was a big dumpy poo from Jumbo as he walked through the zoo with his keeper. Maybe it's a guy thing. Pros: Maybe it's a guy thingCons:

There is straight up lightish musk with only a minimum of barnyard on my skin, but a light freshness, even a bit of green herbs. After about an hour this becomes close to my skin, and over times a fruity note emanates, that at times gives the impression of overripe bananas and other fruits. Towards the end a nut component develops and blends in very nicely with the rest. After an hour is becomes close to my skin, with limited silage and projection but excellent longevity of nearly eight hours on me. Not much country to me, and the name is not inappropriate in my case.

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