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After testing Usher She and almost screaming with the horror of it all, my brain told me to proceed with caution when it came to testing UR. Well thankfully, I had nothing to fear.

It's sweet and girly, like something you would expect from a celebrity scent, especially from a popstar. UR smells like candied peach, honeysuckle, milky jasmine and musk.

Fortunately the sweetness isn't nauseating, actually the fruity notes have been balanced nicely with the floral accords. The scent is almost fresh, like something that would wear well in Spring and Summer.

I agree with pimentosugars that it has a very jam-like quality. It reminds me a little of Showtime by Kylie Minogue, just perhaps not as sugary. It's not terribly unique, but I wouldn't have expected anything else. We are attempting to appeal to the teen market afterall.

I actually don't find this offensive, which could possibly be due to its rather clean, shampoo-like quality. Some people could easily mistake this for a hair product or a body scrub, it doesn't have an overly 'perfumey' feel to it.

All in all, I think it's nice. If all high school girls smelt like this I don't think I'd have a problem with it.
9th April 2012
Usher UR FOR WOMEN seems to me very similar in spirit to the perfumes of the Juicy Couture line and may have been produced starting from the same marketing data: sweet, pleasant, floral in an inoffensive way. Pink, actually. The bottle is adorned with bling, with a weighty metal cap, and the glass has a rainbow-iridescent coating.

Although the praline note does make this composition sweet, I find it nonetheless wearable. I cannot identify any individual flowers--they just seem "abstract". However, despite the fact that this is obviously a synthetic mixture, it does not smell nauseating and chemical to me, as so many similar fragrances do.

Not bad at all, for a celebrity scent. I recommend UR as a lower-priced alternative to JUICY COUTURE.
6th November 2011