The company says:

A Prohibited scent of the Roaring 20’s

Marion skims through the Gotham City night in her sleek Duesenberg, kicking up her heels and sipping bootleg cocktails at the Ziegfeld Follies and whisky at the Savoy. She dances the Lindy Hop then strikes languorous poses, smoking Turkish cigarettes while Sweetheart pouts sulkily – but life’s too short, and there are so many parties to go to! ‘Upper Ten for Her’ is the fragrance that lingers in the wake of these stylish flappers during their extravagant evenings on the town.

Upper Ten for Her fragrance notes

  • Head

    • grape, elemi, resin, bergamot, wormwood
  • Heart

    • raspberry, bulgarian rose, sichuan pepper
  • Base

    • dark chocolate, amber, precious woods, incense

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I was a bit sceptical about it, although it features some of my favourite notes. My skin likes resins, rose and woods. But thn again, raspberry and chocolate were never my best friends, so all in all, the outcome was quite unexpected. It is a very sweet affaire but stops misbehaving just before becoming a nuisance.

Upper Ten for Her opens with a sickly raspberry, but moves on fast to a more celegant scent, On my skin the heart has almost a musky character, a well blended soft cloud of scent. I detect elements in the scent profile coming to the fore and then drifting away. No real mark of chocolate for me. There is something quite balanced about it, woodsy, and resinous but with the sparky notes holding it back, keeping it from being especially deep.

It is delicious but i wouldn't think of this scent as "gourmand" in the typical sense. There's so much of the amber and vetiver in this composition that it is an active part of the development and makes this more of an ambiance than a desert. It is sexy in a playful way. Like a fun blond you pick up on a wild night who has a sparkle in her eye and is dressed well but who inevitably throws up on your shoes by the end of the evening.

Upper Ten for Her is discrete enough not to offend anyone. It smells rich. Could recommend it to almost anyone, cause it is so personal and nice in the same way. But I think you should test it before you buy, I strongly suspect Lubin perfumes have a lot with skinchemistry.
23rd April 2023
Just my opinion, but this is overpriced at $140 for 50 ML of edp. I think Upper Ten for Her suffers from a crisis of identity. UT4H has fruit, floral, resin, wood, spice & chocolate. It ends up an olfactory confusion.

I don't "hate" it but I don't "love" it either.

6th July 2016

Fairly big fragrance - one spray is enough.

Fruity floral opening with some spice, incense and woods thrown in.

The drydown has character and warmth with similarities to Agent Provocateur and Portrait of a Lady - however the latter are more wearable and enjoyable.

Partner says it smells a$$ but each to their own :)
11th June 2016